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  • drgs0
    • A friend bought at around £3k apiece earlier this year. So now he's earned $50k this year from that alone? What am I doing with my life?detritus
    • *bought three at $3kdetritus
    • Good for them, thats great.R_Kercz
    • Yeah, he's my best chum, so I'm merely irritated :) Esp. at myself as I distinctly thought we were near peak when he bought them. I'm an idiot.detritus
    • just like gambling, it's only worth what you walk away withmonospaced
    • Yyyyeah, I know. I loathe gambling, and am inherently distrustful of things I don't fully grok, so have remained wary.
      More fool me though!
    • I was bemoaning my inability to fully understand ETH with said friend y'day - he said "what's so hard to understand? [insert incorrect blockchain explanation]"detritus
    • ...which is why he's rich and I'm not, I suppose!detritus
    • Well, not so much incorrect, rather "a wholly veneer-level of understanding - more an awareness of terms than actual comprehension"detritus
    • $19,120.00zaq
    • Shit's fucked updrgs
    • its really crazy. The coins that have popped up after BTC are superior in every way.dorkKn1ght
    • Retro QBN...QBNer angry he sold @ $140 4 years ago…
    • So many regrets.section_014
    • Going parabolic.monNom
    • :...(WhiteFace
    • It's ok, whiteface. You have.. erm.. us.detritus
    • There is a story about this dude who mined 15.000 BTC in the early 2010 before it took off. He sold early. As the price approached 1000 he became more withdrawndrgs
    • 5000 USD -- his family could not get hold of him. 10.000-- suicide.drgs
    • bought 10 bitcoins at $475- a couple years ago, now worth over a 100kutopian
    • serious utop? fuck me congrats!fadein11
    • Let's put our heads together -- how to hack utopian?drgs
    • not worth anything until you dump themmonospaced
    • "Hookers and Cocaine"...I will be dumping 5 bit coins tomorrow, and deal with the taxes for 2017.utopian
    • lol. enjoy.fadein11
    • C:\scripts\attackBTC...drgs
    • I like that mono has echoed my 'winnings mean nothing until you leave the casino' sentiment in about 3 other threads now lolset
    • nah man, just here ... someone else said it about PonyBoy's brother in the other threadmonospaced
    • I wasn't even echoing you, it was pure coincidence that we were saying the same thing to different people and activitiesmonospaced

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