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  • PhanLo7

    Flat Earth Con in Birmingham.

    Some of the greatest scientific minds will be speaking.

    • Lock up your daughters!face_melter
    • Oooh, this looks great. Hope mum says it's OK to stay away for 3 nights.Fax_Benson
    • OMG just went to the website. This shit is real?!?SunSunSun_
    • Yep 3 day conference. Not an April Fools joke. I looked up Darren Nesbit, he has some flat-earth beef with another guy and they debate flat-earth maps on...PhanLo
    • ...Youtube. Quite quickly it descends into shape shifting transexual Illuminati Anunnaki and how Melania Trump is part Nephilim.PhanLo
    • My IQ dropped 10 points just by looking at this post!Continuity
    • They couldn't afford Icke, he charges Obama speaking rates now.fadein11
    • @ Continuity indeed. There's a lot of mental illness in there.PhanLo
    • No Eric Dubay? hahayuekit
    • i would go if I lived nearby. sounds like funGnash
    • Haha Eric Dubeyrobotron3k
    • martin liedtke looks like bear grylls if he laid of the grubs and piss.kingsteven
    • Winners!Milan
    • Why can't these people send a probe up in space? It seems that there's enough of them to pool their resources together and do it...zarkonite
    • fuck, even a high altitude balloon would do itmonospaced
    • or just set a metre-long spirit level against horizon in front of any large body of water. You don't need altitude to discern curvature.detritus
    • I had a flat overlooking the W. Mediterranean and it was clear as day peering against the balcony that the sea at least was curved.detritus
    • Sean Connors looks like he knows what he's talking aboutchukkaphob
    • One Nation Under Trumputopian
    • I'm going dressed as GalileoType25
    • When even Young Earth Creationists are calling you out, you've reached peak stupid. https://twitter.com/…garbage
    • https://www.youtube.…

      Have a big sigh.
    • fucking neckbeardmonospaced

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