Signs your getting old?

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  • SunSunSun_5

    When you listen to the top hits of 2017 and hate everything about where music is going

    • That's your mistake right there. listening to top hits.pango
    • sure wasSunSunSun_
    • To be fair - modern music is fucking dribble and has very little artisti/ mental meritmugwart
    • applies to all top hits backwards and forwards in time (few exceptions)drgs
    • Music just gets better and better.
      Except pop. That was always shit, and always will be.
    • ^ true dad but its getting harder to survive as an artists... as its always beenmugwart
    • You're getting old if you look at top hits and judge all music that way.CyBrainX
    • 'modern music is fucking dribble'
      Jesus fucking Christ. I guess music stopped being worthwhile in the 17th century.

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