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    Gipsy Saga Pt. II

    So as I walked into work the other day, I noticed a gate to a light industrial space down the road was open, when it shouldn't've been. It's been worked on for a few years and is, or at least was, in its last transitional phase.

    Outside were two blockheads yabbering away in an indecypherable mess somewhere between derpest Cork and Old Geordie.

    "Aye Aye" thought I "Gypsies casing the place — I wonder how long it'll be before... " Well, I had my answer today.

    Gates are now locked, from the inside.

    On the outside is an official-looking notice, but not one of eviction or official authority, rather a legalese wrangling printed by the gypsies themselves. A statement of residence and a warning against trying to turf them out undfer some obscure bylaw. I peer in through a hole and see 4 caravans lined up on one side, and on the other side a growing mass of commercial waste, of course dumped.


    Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I'm most amused at how they've deployed the official laws of the land against itself whilst they themselves choose to live completely outside of them.

    Fucking cheeky bastards.

    • cannot hate the gypsies, they have their own world and good for them!renderedred
    • that would be dandy if 'their world' wasn't someone else's shortly beforehand. if they paid their way, if they were of any societal value at all.detritus
    • Detritus' Big Fat Gypsie Saga: When Sole Traders get Fly-tipped.Fax_Benson
    • instead they rip people off and intimidate them, steal and [significantly] dump shit at their arses - they cost everyone around them, whilst they drive BMWs etcdetritus
    • I'm sure someewhere thye're ok - I've just yet to see where in my 40 years on Earth.detritus
    • They not are OK anywhere. Scum.Hayzilla
    • Just found out that someone's had an expensive camera stolen from front of shop here today. Coincidence?detritus
    • I guess the owner of the land will have something to say about them pitching up. Bylaw horseshit or not, if it's privately owned they can get fucked.face_melter
    • And if it's anything like Glasgow, look forward to an entirely innocent and accidental fire in a very specific spot...face_melter
    • These are caravans, not ice creams vans!
    • It's pretty bad in the PNW. I used to find random bums sleeping in my back yard when I lived in Oregon.garbage
    • Which was totally strange. I had two gigantic apple trees that would drop fermented apples, so deer would eat the apples, get drunk, and pass out til morning.garbage
    • And the passed out deer would attract mountain lions. In the morning I would find bums, drunk deer, or cougar scat.garbage
    • I apologize to all.
      @detritus no they aren't ok anywhere.
      we're living together with gypsies for centuries, they simply can not fit in.
    • @garbage wtf?? is that a real story?? hahahaHijoDMaite
    • LOL @garbage. Funny shit mate.Hayzilla
    • ^^ oh, buildings mysteriously burn down when the land is needed. A whole strip of old sheds at Partick went on fire. Then they built apartments. Weird, eh?face_melter
    • And it's not like they were derelict, a few were architectural reclamation businesses with antique fixtures and fittings. Fire lasted for about three days.face_melter
    • Samesame in Camden, face - curious how every time old buildings stand in the way of shitty over-development, they spontaneously combust.detritus
    • Yeah, 100% true. Oregon is a strange place. Here in Seattle we occasionally have people break into our stairwell and sleep under the stairs.garbage
    • A few months ago I found an old pair of jeans and a few unused tampons. Massive homeless problem here.garbage
    • Bonus on the unused tampons though, eh?

      Always handy.
    • Always.garbage

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