Slavery Never Existed

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  • mugwart3

    meh, let people believe what they want to. Make's life more interesting.

    • True.
      And if he's happy being the world's biggest idiot, that's also his prerogative.
    • Tolkin was apparently a strong believer in the hollow earth and 'forbidden' archeology. Look what he gave to the world!mugwart
    • I dunno, it's a pretty competitive market these days.garbage
    • @Tolkin he gave us fantasies. Not made up facts.pango
    • He did - but he truly believed in those fantasies as real (so I hear/read).mugwart
    • It's fine to believe made up facts. Just don't preach it as real facts. There is no real ring that can rule them all!pango
    • That's impossible. One ring can only rule one person at a time. You will need a lot of rings to rule them all. They are expensive!!pango

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