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  • Ramanisky26


    • Bloke talk.. in privacy... whatever. Far more important issues to cry about...set
    • like how awful of a human being and President this bloke is??Ramanisky2
    • Like most men don't talk or at least think like this. There are other things to cry about. Important things.set
    • Yes important things like what an awful president he is, but not sure how much it helps just saying that over and over and over and overset
    • maybe because he's a fucking sexual predator ... maybe because 10+ women came out to say so ... but you know no big deal just locker room talk.Ramanisky2
    • you can be crying over the really important things AND think it important to remind people that the US president condones sexual violence towards womenFax_Benson
    • Like either of you have never joked about sexual inappropriateness when in privacy with friends. Most people couldn't even tell you about his terrible policiesset
    • ... they just mention utter meaningless tosh like this.set
    • if you think it's meaningless you're a bit a twat.Fax_Benson
    • Maybe when I was a teenager, but this cunt said this in 2005 and has been this way his entire life. There are video and audio records.Ramanisky2
    • it's different to the Russia horseshit, the nazi bullshit and all the other shit.Fax_Benson
    • It's utterly fucking meaningless, private banter. Get your priorities straight you fucking average men.set
    • You and millions of others focus on comment he made in private as a joke 12 years ago. Surely even you can see how retarded that is.set
    • meaningless ?!? riiiiiiiiight.Ramanisky2
    • In perspective, yes. UTTERLY.set
    • a racist sexual predator president
      yeah UTTERLY ridiculous
    • forgive us for wanting to hold our president to a higher standard than the way we may or may not have acted in our teens.kona
    • haha Set comparing an elected powerful official to himself and his mates. He has admitted on camera that his power/wealth has helped him assault women... andfadein11
    • Set thinks thats cool.fadein11
    • As usual you're reading things the wrong way and assuming like an idiot. Not once did I suggest it was anywhere near 'cool'.set
    • I can't even apologise for you completely lacking the intelligence to understand my point... It happens consistentlyset
    • I got your point - his policies should be more of a concern, but 1. he doesn't have any and 2. you did trivialise sexual assault. You sound very stupid todayfadein11
    • Hugely powerful man bragging on camera/mic about using his power to assault women is banter lol.fadein11
    • clearly set is cool & schmool with Trumps sexual predatory practices.Ramanisky2
    • Set's throwing on his Miramax box set tonight - in his hotel gown with one testicle hanging out.fadein11
    • Set's not saying its okay. This was a private chat by a dickhead. We've all had to listen to this shit.
      Since when was a Western leader not a cunt?
    • it shocks me when people think Trump is new to the world... look at Heath. Was a fucking pedo.
      The system breads these cunts - trump goes and another replaces.
    • Anyway I'm in a foul mood - clocking off!mugwart
    • Mugwart talking sense as usual !set
    • the shit you'll justify when you're convinced you know best. Tough luck, womenfolk.Fax_Benson
    • mugwart - yes I get that but saying it's happened before so it's part of the system is just plain silly - surely holding value against this behaviour isfadein11
    • important or does that make the majority of people in these comments 'snowflakes' ?fadein11
    • values*fadein11
    • And most of the recent revelations came way after their power - this is a man who openly brags about it. Wow - how sgtrange things have become.fadein11
    • It's just more distraction from the real problems. From the atrocious acts of the US government. People would rather focus on this, it's embarrassing.set
    • And if you're still going on about the grab the pussy comment you're a small minded drone. Exactly what they want you to be. Well fuckin played. Not...set
    • I've said worse thingsdrgs
    • that's it not doing anymore set animations :PRamanisky2
    • this isn't about the fucking deep state perpetual war machine and all the rest of it. Calling Trump out for trvialising sex crimes doesn't mean you tacitlyFax_Benson
    • support decades of US neo-imperialismFax_Benson
    • waiting for him to mention pizzagate - go on... you know you want to. I am fully aware of US foreign policy, I have ranted about it many times. You sir arefadein11
    • missing the point... which is v.amusing tbh.fadein11
    • @ramanisky2 - just throw Set's frownface on David Icke and lets call it Set PSB thread over.fadein11
    • "Set was right" - we laugh, he's happy.fadein11
    • Fadein weighs in on a daily basis, misses the point completely and then tells me I'm missing the point. It's literally a daily occurrence.set
    • I'm sure you're a nice chap but my god, give it a rest you simpleton...set
    • It matters because he's the commander and chief. Condoning it because it's just banter doesn't wash. If he was talking about your wife, you'd take a swing.monoboy
    • nah, the wife's fair game. Why get stressed about it when there's a proxy war in the middle east?Fax_Benson
    • calm down dear, it's just a 70 yo billionaire leader of the free world. Let him have a touch -Fax_Benson
    • the real issue is the bankster cabal behind the major events of the C20thFax_Benson
    • @set - you are in the minority here and yep you are missing the point dear sir, and it's v.enjoyable to watch :)fadein11
    • but call me a simpleton if you wish while making a fool of yourself in front of othersfadein11
    • Which point am I missing? Go on..set
    • Did he really said that?Bennn
    • omfg ladies ... this is only relevant in light of Trump's dumbfuck supporters going insane over Weinstein ... a sort of hypocrisy between the parties, that's itmonospaced
    • set is right in that this "pussy grabbing" comment was stupid meaningless banter, but his supporters aren't calling this the same thingmonospaced
    • @benn, yes Trump did say thismonospaced
    • (pro-tip, Set's not missing the point)Gnash
    • okay Set cannot differentiate between those who use their power to abuse people and boys trying to impress their mates. We all get his point about distractionfadein11
    • point is, if Trump supporters are gonna lose their shit over a guy who merely funded politics, they should do the same over the actual president they voted formonospaced
    • and the evil US empire. I've spoken about that until I am blue in the face on here. It's far more serious than banter.fadein11
    • trust me I'm not about ignoring it. If I went into my buycott lists it will fill a a page.
      Something is at play here, we are being manipulated and pushed into
    • courners and fighting each while really nasty shit is happening.mugwart
    • this is a smoke screen and yes I think something REALLY nasty is on the horizon.mugwart
    • I really feel is is part of a play/ act. Don't need to call me parinod, I call myself it.mugwart
    • What I do know is that posting memes and fighting with commiuties isnt the way forth, though I do love me a good scrap.mugwart
    • what are you buying into, what are your news soures? where are you puting your £/$ (hope locally!), what are you eating, where is it farmed/slaughtered (;-P)mugwart
    • what are you listening to - is it different views on different days? Expand your minds and dont trust anything you hear. This is all a smoke screenmugwart
    • years kids (boys and girls) have been abused in hollywood - now suddenly we are getting the head of the most influncial movie studio being pulled downmugwart
    • so yes these guys are fucking cunt scum bags... just why is this happening now.…
    • love you guys, racist, left, right, up , down I dont give a fuck - but i hate this "those X supporters" and this division that was coming down. Choose your sidemugwart
    • its my belief that the moment we chose a side we having lost this. Remember a few years back we were camping on wall street scremaing for change?mugwart
    • Conviant that we are now screaming at each other and not themmugwart
    • fuck I'm ranting!mugwart
    • you boys are acting like Trump shot a load at an interns face in oval office while president.hotroddy
    • Never forget, this is from a reality tv show, which is not reality.omg
    • "the real issue is the bankster cabal behind the major events of the C20th"@fax
      this is my rant in one sentence!
    • 71 notes.maquito
    • amen to that mugwart my old sausage!set
    • Well, this is fun.Continuity
    • good timesRamanisky2
    • all is missing is a
    • Trump is consistent. What is sad about his is those that voted this in. A horrible scar on America, forever.formed
    • it's not formed - it's just a distraction created by the cloak wearing shadow government.fadein11
    • set why you gotta argue with everyone all the time?inteliboy
    • ^ HahahaRamanisky2
    • Because people are idiots, obviously...set
    • Mainly fadeinset
    • Fakkin' cockney millennials :)fadein11
    • If you think this is unimportant, you're retarded. Doesn't this say all too much about his rotten character? Is this the guy you want to rule the so-called...jagara
    • ..."free world"?jagara
    • More important issues to talk about and focus. It's the retards that keep rehashing this private joke with a friend from 12 years ago over and over and over.set
    • Private joke. With a friend. 12 years ago.set
    • In private. Probably after a few drinks. Cry about something else you half-wits.set
    • Obviously not so private, I guess. We all know about it.Continuity
    • So if I sneak in to your house and record a conversation you have with someone, thinking full well you're alone, that's not a private conversation?set
    • He thought he was alone, it was a private convo. Fuck me it's so meaningless in the scheme of things I don't know why I'm still postingset
    • He doesn't drink apparently, I wager after hoofin' a Tony Montana sized mountain of cocaine.fadein11
    • lol maybeset
    • @set, while I agree on the principle you're describing, the tv host was mic'd in that van, with Trump, and a recording crew. If he didn't know, he was a moron.monospaced
    • Well I don't anyone is disputing he fact that he's definitely a moron...set
    • then I believe you actually, deep down, get that this quote has NOTHING to do with using a bad word thenmonospaced
    • it's just a good reminder for when Trump creates something such as "Character Counts Week" to look back and note that morons elected a crass moron like thismonospaced

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