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    Back from my town's butcher, he has really good meat allways, everything organic and from local producers...

    And week by week, he give me a "pork hill" < don't know how do you call this part (kids don't eat this kind of meat this days and he knows we do a lot of bbqs)

    Now, i've got 6 of this on my freezer :)

    Delicious in sauce with tomato, or with vegetables, or in barbecue.

    • ... |-{ ... !!mugwart
    • Yea no thanksset
    • lol... sissies!OBBTKN
    • ears and cheeks are really goodFax_Benson
    • Pig face, cow face, so delish...robotron3k
    • Do you think you could kill a pig and carve this shit off yourself?set
    • Not trying to be a cunt, genuine question, as I know a lot of people would not be able to do that..set
    • I have no problem doing my fair share of butchering, but I probably wouldn't have fun cutting a pig face off its skull, no.monospaced
    • yeah, not something I'd do recreationally but I'd like to think I would.Fax_Benson
    • I've not done it before though, so in reality would probably run away cryingFax_Benson
    • no worries set, but, years ago we kill a pig every year in my mother's farm, now just i need to buy it ;)OBBTKN
    • I'd go for it... Here in PT we like pig skin sandwish and pig ear salad :)dmay
    • Those cheeks have 'homemade guanciale' written all over them.Continuity
    • "oh it's the face, that's so much worse than the rest of the dead animal..." why? ridiculous.fadein11
    • Obviously it is... Would you rather cut someone's arm off or carve their face off their skull? Retarded response.. And certainly not your firstset
    • Halloween is coming.ApeRobot
    • "It rubs the lotion on its skin ..."microkorg
    • @set - He didn't carve it off, the butcher did - it's his job numbnuts. And I wasn't talking to you. And I would work through that one with your therapist lol.fadein11
    • humans and animals - 2 different creatures (excuse the pun) bwahahaha.fadein11
    • David Cameron's love cupboard is full of these.PhanLo
    • pretend vegan antivax smoking healthfreak tirade incoming! I'm off to the pub - have a nice weekend :)fadein11
    • c'mon fadein, the difference between carving a face off a skull vs carving its shoulder/shank is realmonospaced
    • I doubt butchers think like that, in fact I know they don't but that's another story. I worked in a bacon factory for a while when at college. Horrific (but forfadein11
    • different reasons).fadein11
    • But whatever I had said Set would have called it retarded lolfadein11
    • wonder what they did with the eyeballs, and brains, cause they make great tacos...robotron3k
    • fadein, nobody's talking about how a professional butcher feels about that ... set asked a question of us normal folkmonospaced
    • I'm pretty sure set understands that carving a pig face is not a big deal for a butcher, ffs. How did you miss the point completely?monospaced
    • Because I am retarded.fadein11
    • But as I said I wasn't even referring to his comment. I hadn't even read it at that point. I was merely talking about the hypocrisy that often comes along withfadein11
    • meaty issues. Do I didn't miss his point but thanks for adding to the debate.fadein11
    • Please note the "" in my original comment. Thanks :)fadein11
    • So*fadein11
    • sorry, who were you replying to then?monospaced
    • Eh? Noone. I quoted an imaginary friend. the type who eats meat but doesn't really get how horrific the industry is... the picture of the pigs face brought backfadein11
    • memories of my time in that factory. Why am I explaining myself to you?fadein11
    • I hope you understand now why set and I both assumed you were replying to a comment here, and not an imaginary one we weren't aware of.monospaced
    • back from a meeting... and this post in home page? (⊙_☉) lmao... i need a beer... good weekend locosOBBTKN
    • lol monoset
    • Fadein really is the most confused member we haveset
    • No one was talking about butchers... I asked OBBTKN if he could do it himself and you suggested there was no difference between a face and a more common partset
    • Which is stupidset
    • its just skin...drgs
    • lol drgsmonospaced
    • seriously how do you eat thatdrgs
    • https://theintercept…mort_
    • Kill the pig in its faceFax_Benson

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