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  • plash38

    • damnmonospaced
    • wow

    • bravoaslip
    • is goodimbecile
    • yepGM278
    • Wow!robotron3k
    • omg - this is a political cartoon. Stare at it until it's burnt into your retinas.fadein11
    • boom, now thats a political cartoon.sofakingback
    • Wouldn't that guy represent Hillary tackling these political gun control issues? Why is she representing the USA?omg
    • ooh thats right, you're too dense to get anything not spelled out for you. Just go back to the kiddy corner with your crayons. We'll get you a slice a pizza. gosofakingback
    • people. omg is a top class troll. you are still falling for it. ignore every post and comnent by this twat. he is feeding off every single reply.d_gitale
    • ^
    • omg is an assholemonospaced
    • Mono, spikes the ball, but I'm afraid it's out of bounds. =)DRIFTMONKEY
    • isn't good ol american liberty suppose to preserve rights. this seems perverse in trying to lay blame with the NRA by depicting cowardice and dead bodiesdeathboy
    • the underlying scary part is this is front page. not out of defense of basic liberty but in mockery of it.deathboy
    • hey even the first amendment has limitation. second one shouldn't be an exception.pango
    • liberty = protection of the propaganda agency of the arms industry?lowimpakt
    • Nothing better than the use of propaganda and an idiotic and ill-informed public. Go get'em commi's!Hayoth
    • you still don't know what communist means, do you?monospaced
    • of course not.utopian
    • Commies to them means "not one of us"pango
    • pango what limitations?deathboy
    • lowimpackt. liberty = freedom to partake in activities that effect only u. if you are against gun rights u are the same type of person against gay marriage anddeathboy
    • weed usage.deathboy
    • if u are against gun rights at least own up that u are no better than the religious zealots wanting no dicks in buttsdeathboy
    • i knew the old saying never talk politics and religion. i always thought reason worked in politics. now i see its no differentdeathboy
    • Libel. And you can't say you have a bomb on air plain. You can't make violent threat towards others.pango
    • Sure you have freedom of speech. But certain things you say comes with consequences.pango
    • yes. and those actions have consequences. many of which put those people in trouble. But who determines it? a jury, a judge or does every individual think theydeathboy
    • can pass judgement. libel is a process. and what u say there is a factor in judgement of real intent.deathboy
    • owning a fully automatic rifle is not = to intent to kill people. you see where this is going right?deathboy
    • the censorship college kids who dont realize truly freedom of speech vs their own idea of weaponized speech.deathboy
    • if a guy called me faggot and i ripped off his jaw and crippled him for life because im not gay and was embarassed? who is right?deathboy
    • the physical actions are what has consequences even in libel cases. u need to prove true harm. those who do harm are procescuteddeathboy
    • lol @ believing reason to be a good thing :Dimbecile

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