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  • Turboslacker5

    • now they make ice cream,
      in the future they will harvest our bodies for power ..
    • No way Bluejam, he's smiling.zarb0z
    • Star Wars march of the Droid's theme playingTurboslacker
    • yeah but can it get high in the store room, fuck up your order and then give you free ice cream like a real teenager?sarahfailin
    • Why not just a self-contained machine that plops out filled cones?aslip
    • that twist is perfect thoKrassy
    • there is a human inside that 'robot'

      you can see their sad eyes through the mesh in the smile.
    • aslip: self-contained is a far better system, Japan has extensive use of kiosks for all sorts of foods, many of which need more prep than a coneBustySaintClaire
    • I am getting fucking scared. they are already taking over the world.sureshot
    • I would have loved it if it smashed the ice cream all over the place at the end.elahon
    • Dildotron 16000 test rundetritus
    • The big Rebellion of 2234 will be terrible. A war that will last 12 years and killed more than 500,000,000 humans. - Baba VanbenBennn
    • A war in 200 years that only kills that many people? Pfft.detritus
    • big rebellion is a lot closer than that. studies show 50% of humans to be surplus in the next 3 yearsimbecile
    • the japanese have stopped fucking apparently. they don't allow foreigners in, their population is in a nosedive, in 100 years the last few humans there will be_niko
    • cared for by a whole society of robots, who will keep them alive for the sake of nostalgia._niko
    • why does it flip the double bird at the end? Has it pissed in the ice-cream?Wolfboy

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