Hurricane Harvey

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    If there are any QBN'rs on here that are displaced by the storm or have a friend or family member that is, get at me. I have an extra room in my house here in Austin, TX. I put the call out to my friends but I figure I'd post it here also.

    • Good on you man. Well donekona
    • This is great! Thank you for offering. Very cool!Krassy
    • What if its OMG?err
    • I figure better than a shelter. err, if you mean 1%ers... as a biker I can say they have their own networks and I'm not taking in criminals.GM278
    • There are going to be thousands of decent honest ppl, families with kids etc that need shelter. I'm sorry they get priority to me than thugs.GM278
    • QBN Familydbloc
    • way to be decent!plash
    • Thumbs uppango
    • If you do house any QBNers shoot me your home address. I'm buying pizza.kona
    • Way to make me feel like a piece of shit with your noble gesture. haha Props man, you are a nice fella.Miguex
    • +since1979
    • Houston QBN meetup at my place, Kona is catering!GM278
    • QBN'er of the day award goes to!mugwart
    • is it open carry?
    • Save QBNers firstdrgs
    • my guess is, those displaced by the storm are not browsing QBN right nowdrgs
    • ^ mobile data!mugwart
    • I'm on the plane!detritus
    • + you have a gun to protect them ;-)Bennn
    • ^Hilarious. I suppose I deserve that. Drgs, probably not but I can't be the only one here who knows ppl in Houston.GM278
    • well done, sirGnash
    • Very kind! +++futurefood
    • +1utopian
    • This is awesomebklyndroobeki

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