Convince me to visit NY

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    wait, you've never been to nyc? damn son!

    listen to all of the above ^

    my only add (which was stated before but whatever), take the time to just walk around. fuck a train/taxi/uber. take your time and venture through the city on foot. like SF, NYC is pretty manageable to walk through in a day (take notes and research when you get back to your hotel or wherever you are staying-and then spend the rest of your days going back to places that interest you). do the same if you want to see the best shit in brooklyn.

    here is one man's take on walking:http://www.huffingtonpos...

    although still a bit touristy ^ it offers up a logistical path through NYC.

    • hmm-link seems to be broken. try this one http://www.huffingto…lvl_13
    • yes, walk most places if you can ... it'll be either freezing cold or brisk in early 2018.monospaced
    • For walking, go downtown, The Village, Lower East Side, Soho, TriBeCa. Avoid midtown.CyBrainX
    • def imagine i'll be on foot a lot. i did italy that wayscarabin
    • that link is awesome. thanks, lvl!scarabin
    • oh man, as a NYer, that link is pretty spot on with good advice ... I do recommend trying some Halal cart food if there are people :)monospaced

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