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    You guys know about that old Jeep Grand Cherokee of mine right?
    22 years old, 222,222(ish) miles, liability insurance...
    I keep it to haul stuff and let people borrow.
    Stolen this afternoon in broad daylight from a grocery store parking lot.

    • oh shit. how'd you get home?scarabin
    • that sucks! I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport and the damn locks keep unlocking it randomly. Fully expecting it to get stolen one day.capn_ron
    • called a neighbor to get home.
      still have keys. doors locked. no glass on ground. camera saw me walk in, then someone else walk up, drive away 20 min later.
    • I've a had a car stolen before. Sucks bro. Felt so violated. Insurance was a nightmare. They even accused me. Had to interview with an interrogator.DRIFTMONKEY
    • i had my explorer stolen in front of my house. It had an empty tank and i don't think they wanted to fill it so they ditched it in the grocery store lot.shellie
    • Fuck! always freaks me out, I have old cars with no alarm or gps tracking. If someone stole either of my two classics I would have a heart attacksofakingback
    • Wait, they didn't break in? he just walked un and got in / drive off? Dude had a key or something? How did you see the video?sofakingback
    • drift - hope you changed insurance companies right after.inteliboy
    • Grocery store surveillance footage. Spoke to management to get video for police report.imbecile
    • Had a honda stolen from my driveway once. Took the insurance money immediately.monospaced
    • @intelliboy. Absolutely. In fact, after the whole ordeal, I ended up making money by proving the car appreciated since I bought it. It was a rare Type R.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Had a car stolen outside a rave once. still tripping on lsd when I came out, took me a while to wrap my head around that one. lol someone took it for a joy ridesea_sea
    • ^ lolsofakingback

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