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    Yup. I've had it in my left ear for 13-14 years now, and I think it's creeping into my right ear. The past few months have been bad, with rare times that I'm not aware of it.

    • I suspect I might have Ménière's disease.i_monk
    • any other symptoms?pinkfloyd
    • All of them. Tinnitus, migraine, periods of vertigo (albeit rare), hearing loss.i_monk
    • The hearing loss came first, then migraines, then tinnitus.i_monk
    • This might fix it, Dana White has the same thing https://en.wikipedia…pinkfloyd
    • brother in law has menieres. really shitty thing to have. his hearing is almost gone.lvl_13
    • I should probably get properly diagnosed... and start learning sign language.i_monk
    • if you have it, cut out all salt from your diet. that is a big contributing factor in the aggressiveness of menierslvl_13

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