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  • chukkaphob1

    • ok
      "We're out of toilet paper"
    • "Sounds like you had a busy day love."RicHu
    • so 80'sdbloc
    • but can we get a cat pleaseHijoDMaite
    • Happy birthday Alison x x xLukeO
    • Thank you sir.wagshaft
    • "OMFG, have you seen that video???"sofakingback
    • ^ it totally works lolsofakingback
    • which video was it sofa?HijoDMaite
    • "Am leaving now. Beautiful Fog" meh
      lol RicHu
    • I don't have my battery pack though.antonyjwhite
    • Chromacryl, glitter - medium and fine grade, and powdered pigment - metallic. Anything else?cotton
    • "Good, the boys are having fun exploring!"elahon
    • "I'll see you later."mg33
    • "you'll have it shortly"PonyBoy
    • It's his job, tell him to quit being such a pussy!BH26
    • "How'd it go today?"Gnash
    • "are you popping down? or somewhere closer?"hans_glib
    • Shall I make you up a dinner?mandomafioso
    • The fibresection_014
    • Grab em by the pussy.dbloc
    • HijoDMaite: I was talking to a client about a promo video made by their agency. It is horrendous. I will share it if it goes live. lolsofakingback
    • i know for a fact if kristin will do for small fee if i can't do itbliznutty
    • I feel stiff todaycannonball1978
    • morning?Knuckleberry
    • Can't talk right now, we are still working on this.BabySnakes
    • ok, take a picture and send it to The Brick, they have to fix it.
    • Worse unfortunatelyMHDC
    • If they ask for a another pic send one, set the reserve at $39.99.evil1
    • It's jumped the sharkWolfboy
    • "I killed your Pomeranian and rubbed its blood all over the walls" omg!!sarahfailin
    • i know i messaged him and he was like ehhh Thanks its friday hahamantrakid
    • ps. she weighs 18kgMrT
    • "LOL"Bennn
    • she couldn't see anything wrong with using the photo. Too funny.Ranger
    • Just leaving work nowSlashPeckham
    • ^ lolsofakingback
    • Can you please upload the presentation to Dropbox?BusterBoy
    • yes, i think that was tentative at leastemphor
    • Vote for Hillary or else...robotron3k
    • The kids will be disappointed.bezoar
    • I will be in the office at 7amsted
    • "I remember. They were terrible."BASHgraphics
    • Hi mum, went ok, I have other things lined up too so it be alrightBullitt
    • Tummy rubs all roundsinjun
    • Great news - your current reward balance is 450. You can get 50 texts valid for 2 days for only 100 points.monoboy
    • Sweetspunji
    • Of course you're welcome to stay here as long as you like.nb
    • Will I be enjoying your company this evening?autoflavour
    • Shit no subs??? That's tough. D.C. is okay, had a nice IPA last night with dinner: Lot 3.stoplying
    • I know. Lovely people. I wonder who will be our new neighbour.Kiko
    • "You told her her that you gave her $25 and now it's in the back of her mind that I took her $5 dollars"voiceof
    • I'll be able to stay home with popples and get this done around the house.umbee54
    • So classic. This is pure comedy!chukkaphob
    • "hahah head in bucket? Good effort!"

      My friend ended up vomiting on a big night.
    • #Pizzagate?omg

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