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  • Longcopylover2

    What would you choose and why?

    • BlueDillinger
    • Blue was my first thought. I would be 46 and have 20 Mil...cause I would be never able to get 20 Mil in 25 years anyways.oey
    • But then I thought...Red...woul... do everything all over again and even more and I'm not unhappy and don't need 20 Mil. fuck that.oey
    • Reddrgs
    • 25 years of extra party, drugs, sex, travel, spraying, biking and so on. Maybe I could learn how to properly draw and play bass and so on. Definitely the Red.oey
    • Though the blue sounds more realistic...LOL!oey
    • You could have posted tthis in the dis or Dat thread.oey
    • Yeah, saw the dis or dat just after...Longcopylover
    • I could spare 5 years and still party hard. Blue!!pango
    • You are given 70-80 years of being a conscious creature, with endless time spanning in both directions before you are born and after you die.drgs
    • Stupid 20 million$ which I would blow away in a week -- how does it even compare to have extra 25 years?drgs
    • Why do I continue to post on QBN after having said that? Well, you'll have to figure it out on your owndrgs
    • Once you go red...you'll get lots of head!utopian
    • Take them both... and wait...robthelad
    • Blue. I'll be 46 and have $20 million - there's absolutely no downside to that whereas I hated my teenage years.face_melter
    • Take the red pill, have complete redo which in another 25 years will still include this scenario. Then do it all again a la Groundhog Day..then take the blue.BaskerviIle
    • Nonesr_rosa
    • RED!!! You don't need money to have fun!!Projectile
    • Blue, 50 is still pretty young.mekk
    • both - 20 years younger+$20 milpablo28
    • Take both = purple = you get $50 and come back as yurimon.face_melter
    • Being 15 was shit, in fact 15-25 is the pits. The other pill skip the next 10 years, straight to retirement to spank 20M on boats hookers and blow.kingkong
    • Red, you can always make millions.yurimon
    • "Your life is worth much more than gold."
      - Bob Marley
    • ^ but it wasn't worth a toeGnash
    • I cant imagine life without my son, so blue.DRIFTMONKEY
    • i agree with Drift... my boy, he'd be gone, and that would kill me, unless you went back 25 years and didn't remember anything? i didn't have the most fun...cruddlebub
    • ...growing up so i'm not sure i'd want to do that again... £20m would be great and i'd only be 38, so blue.cruddlebub
    • my mom would be pissed if I was 6 years old again. she's 63 and can't handle that shit anymore. plus what would i be like as a 31 year old in a 6 year old body?sarahfailin
    • I would candy flip both pills but half of each. I don't want to repeat HighSchool.err
    • hmmm would I really wanna go through ALL OF MY SCHOOLYEARS AGAIN?ArchitectofFate
    • it depends if you the start over is an upgrade.yurimon
    • You take the red pill and you will always arrive back here to eventually take the blue pill. Still a net gain of 20 years.SteveJobs
    • RED, no question, could easily make $20mill with the knowledge I have now and 20 years to do itformed
    • Does getting back to 20 years ago means you lose all your memory in that 20 years?pango
    • prob, it would be to easy it was your experience in tact.yurimon
    • Which means everything would be exactly the same. You made those decision because that's who you are at that moment. With out those memories you are still thepango
    • Same person making the same decision you made 20 years ago.pango
    • Time travel...Too complicated.
      I rather just freaze my self for 5 years and cash out with 20 mil.
    • it doesnt say time travel just younger in the current, but says redo but no clarification of going back in timeyurimon
    • Well it's only a good deal if you are over 40pango
    • BLUE FFSmaquito
    • Blue. I'd be 13, and with 20 milbocca
    • Take a blue and then red. It doesn't say you can't take both.pango
    • pssh i already plan on making $20 million in five years anyway ;)OP31
    • Blueimbecile

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