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  • monNom2

    I feel totally the opposite, I always enjoy Karj's posts. He's willing to discuss how our own BS can hold us back, with himself as the subject. You've gotta be pretty brave to call out your own bullshit for the world to see, just to make a point. I hope he keeps writing. I'll keep reading.

    • brave to call out your own BS to make a point... would it be better not to BS and let that be the point? ... but than u would have no product...deathboy
    • all the white paper tedtalk stuff i find so terrible. I buy misc mag just to keep up on the shit being sold though. saw a whole 2 pg written about nothing b4deathboy
    • that magazine can sell shit like no other. and quite the fancy ads in it too... ive probably been played into buying a mag full of shit becausedeathboy
    • the market is full of shit and now you have to keep up on the shit so u know what shit to sell.deathboy
    • ive never read karjs shit, so maybe its good but i have the feeling its the same as everything else and much prefer a good book recommendationdeathboy
    • Thanks monNom—glad you like the posts.karj

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