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  • jaylarson4

    • sorry, big filejaylarson
    • wow, that is cool!cbass99
    • man i wanna build my pyramid there so bad. moon party!scarabin
    • Moontribe headquartersmoldero
    • how do you know about moontribe moldy? lolsea_sea
    • yeah, watscarabin
    • I lived up there for about a year and was friends of friends with some of the promoters, when there was no party we made our own at their warehousemoldero
    • that's supposed to be secret 'n' shitscarabin
    • This was like 20 years ago back in 94 or 95moldero
    • I think the warehouse belonged to tonka sounds, but all the main mt peeps were there. Beautiful peoplemoldero
    • Oops scar, thats why now I'm in hiding in Mexico.moldero
    • lol. crazy how long that party has been goingscarabin
    • Yeah i just tripped out when i counted back 20 yearsmoldero
    • South Pole-Aitken basin, almost 1,500 miles across. Twice the size of Texas.utopian
    • Bartosz Wojczyński http://petapixel.com…jaylarson
    • Cool moldy. My first moontribe was in a warehouse somewhere in Santa Monica around Venice I think it might of been around 94.sea_sea
    • I remember I did half a tab cause it was my first time. Lol didn't feel anything until that morning on the beach. I still have a ring I got at that party :)sea_sea
    • Years after that, I followed them around the desert for a while until I actually got on the email list. I loved being out there under the desert skies.sea_sea
    • awesome! I LOVED those parties, the vibe, well, i dont even have to say it, you know.moldero
    • Yes I do. They're still going strong. Next time you come down we should all take a trip out to the desert.sea_sea
    • yesscarabin
    • OH and nice moon pic jay, lol it really is gorgeous.sea_sea
    • lol at cicijaylarson

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