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    born and raised. i love minneapolis but got tired of the winters. tons of design there and has a great music scene. it's actually not too terribly different from size and it's going ons (maybe less hippie'ish), but like others have already stated: you do not want to live in EP. live in Minneapolis proper. if you can rent a place close to the chain of lakes you will be golden (basically uptown or south minneapolis)

    've had two stints at target(the second was for 5 years). don't believe all the negative media hype as of late. and although a some of the cretive work is produced by outside agencies, a lot of it is produced in house by a lot of very talented and nice people. if you don't want to work in corporate there are a ton of agencies in town.

    let me know if you have any other specific questions. good luck.

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    • thanks. Ill definitely check back if this goes any farther.fooler

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