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    For starters If the computer was to break all the users would loose data, and given that these computers are most probably going to be pretty old etc thats quite likely to happen now and then.

    With these USB keys they can always have their entire operating system with them and boot up on any computer. You said why don't they use normal memory sticks, but with this operating system they could include educational programs, basic versions of browsers for those learning how to use a computer etc. You can essentially have a custom OS for every user based on what they want and need which would play a huge role in the education process of it all.

    Not to mention the fact that these people shouldn't have to share an OS to learn about sensitive information. They deserve privacy, lets not forget that in some countries they frown on female education. Do you think the women would use it to learn if they felt the person after them could see what they were looking at, downloading etc if they forgot to clear the history one day? you forget what freedoms we have over some places.

    • Why would they lose data when its all kept on USB.chossy

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