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  • sem1

    One of my favs

    • Ok but soooo slow. I gave up once you know who diedset
    • Now THAT GUY is dead there is more focus on Al Capone which was a winner for me. Its slow yes but rewarding.sem
    • I think it's fantastic!boobs
    • Oh I didn't make it to that part, I meant THE OTHER GUY, before the one you speak of (lol)set
    • name dropping but Steve who plays Al Calpone is an old friend, I travelled round france with that bastardset
    • glad to hear it's focusing more on him, I was a little dissapointed that it wasn't enough in the first seasonsset
    • May have to pick up on it againset
    • Steve Graham is a legend, if not for Turkish alone.sem
    • I like that Capone is in there for historical perspective but I hate Joe Pesci type characters.CyBrainX

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