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  • akrok0

    apple is going dooooooown.

    + glue the battery. oh, yes. cause we know you never have to change that.

    + glue the memory. oh, yes. cause we loosing to much money on people adding this shit them self. ooooooh my god.

    + one more row icons, oh yes. i need to upgrade the fucking phone. how can i live with only 4 rows of icons. that's for poor people.

    how you like those apples. lol.

    • i don't even give a fuck about apple, but you need to stop focusing on the hate, son. read up.lvl_13
    • read up. no. you start from top left and down. son. there you go.akrok
    • I don't think those are reasons that would take a company down.zarkonite
    • This upgrade is about speed. The network especially. It's much faster with LTE.CyBrainX
    • The haters are worse that any fanboys.Jaline

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