• ian


    hey dude,
    Got that sorted n pretty much finished with the code. Thanks for all the help the other day! Sorry if it took a while t…

    May 25, 070 replies
  • ian

    < for a good cause

    I know that this isnt my usual cry for help or random bit of nonsense, but my brother is doing a 200 mile cycle for charity from D…

    May 25, 070 replies
  • ian

    killer meat stick?

    Just got this in a spam email.

    It asked me if I wanted one. Is that like a pepperami or something?

    May 24, 075 replies
  • ian

    Flash, flash, flash...

    My noggin hurts like a bastard.

    Trying to figure out how to do a news box something like this.…

    May 22, 0733 replies
  • ian

    marketing twaddle

    hey folks,
    been looking at design sites all day, we are redesigning ours, but what im looking for are the little intro text piec…

    May 18, 0715 replies
  • ian

    Sauna font?

    Hey there,
    someone posted a link to a website that used sauna as their main font. Can anyone remember the link?

    Really nice si…

    May 18, 074 replies
  • ian

    Jack Kerouac

    I just got an email from Jack Kerouac.

    Sadly he was just trying to get me to 'Make your partners and yours life happier and bri…

    May 16, 077 replies
  • ian

    Smokin' Aces

    Rented this on friday with a bad feeling about it. I'd put off seeing it in cinema, though I liked Narc, but was pleasently surpri…

    May 14, 073 replies
  • ian


    So we established that its just not acceptable to say:



    'Word to your momma'

    or god forbid

    'Can you desi…

    May 11, 0779 replies
  • ian

    Thank crunchie...

    Its Friday!

    I've just had some waffles for brekkie and Im having a nice cup of scaldie while at work and Im now looking forward…

    Apr 27, 079 replies
  • ian

    I think...

    that corporate guidelines suck donkey balls. I did banners last year for a major multinational who underwent a rebranding and did …

    Apr 26, 079 replies
  • ian


    Hey there,
    Anyone ever use a programme like this to build dropdowns? Its on 50 dollars but Just wondering if its any use.


    Apr 26, 078 replies
  • ian

    Drawing a...


    So I started a new job and im on a project now with no ideas coming to me. So Im getting stressed and as I get stressed …

    Mar 30, 075 replies
  • ian

    Flash q

    Hey there, Im updating my studios website and building it in flash, tested in here and it all works fine but doesnt on my bosses …

    Mar 16, 076 replies
  • ian

    Funny ol' world

    So im going snowboarding on Sunday, to go really fast down mountains, look death in the face and laugh and generally do very sill…

    Mar 13, 0712 replies
  • ian


    Hey there, quick q about xml in flash. Ive built XML menus before that have been very simple, boxed off vertical menus but working…

    Mar 12, 079 replies
  • ian

    Font Q

    Hi there,
    anyone know a font called 'Freeway' from a font group called PS David Carson?

    I've used it in an identity but can't …

    Jan 31, 070 replies
  • ian

    Birthday card...

    Hey there,
    Just got told that its my nephews 8th birthay tomorrow (I got a really bad memory) and he's in Australia and Im not, a…

    Nov 9, 060 replies
  • ian

    American Stationery

    Hi There,
    A query for anyone who is familiar with producing stationery for American companies. I know that the US size is differe…

    Oct 10, 062 replies
  • ian

    Arse biscuits!

    I was working on a flash project last week, and now when I try to open the saved file it keeps crashing flash!

    Im getting worr…

    Aug 21, 0637 replies