• ian


    Hey chief, seems your sites are down, some message there about a hacker attack...

    I saw you comment on iso50's blog and wondere…

    Jul 15, 1115 replies
  • ian


    Hey there, investigating setting up a touchscreen kiosk, where to start?

    What kind of software, hardware set up do people have…

    Nov 24, 099 replies
  • ian

    Font help please

    Hi all, looking for a font suggestion as to a face similar to this one, 'Popular' by Christian Schwartz. I've looked at stag but m…

    May 14, 097 replies
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    heres a fucking suggestion, before trying to conquer the whole fucking world with your shitty fuc…

    Apr 1, 0982 replies
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    This may seem childish, but I wanted to write the word 'fucknuggets' on my profile page in the book submission.

    Can we perhaps …

    Mar 8, 095 replies
  • ian

    hard drive... wireless

    Morning. I need to get a new hd and I thought it'd be handy to get one that Im able to access wirelessly. I've got a decent d-link…

    Feb 2, 0914 replies
  • ian


    Any way you can edit your qbn ignore script to include the first post in a thread also? I see a flaw in the nearly perfect system.

    Jan 8, 095 replies
  • ian

    Merry New Year!

    Figure I'm gonna be drunk later so I'd get it in early. Hope all you fuckers have a good un!

    Dec 31, 088 replies
  • ian

    Digital Edition

    A friend of mine is looking to do something like this, I have no experience in it, any know how to do it or have any experience wi…

    Dec 17, 085 replies
  • ian

    Movie Quiz 5: The return

    Ok, for a Friday afternoon, the return of the movie quiz. First to the the movie from the pic has to post another moie pic. Easy!

    Dec 12, 08103 replies
  • ian


    is there anything these fuckers don't make? Right now I'm tempted to by a hand saw with a diamond blade. But I'm drunk so by the …

    Nov 14, 088 replies
  • ian


    Have a client who keeps sending me word docs with graphs in them, but they're not showing up in word on the mac and I don't have p…

    Oct 31, 086 replies
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    Oct 30, 086 replies
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    Saw the movie 'Vacancy' over the weekend, not a bad film but really liked the opening credits. Any idea what the font is, looks li…

    Oct 28, 084 replies
  • ian


    I'm at one. Having dessert, waiting for toasts. Bored...

    Sep 26, 0832 replies
  • ian

    Bizarre little circle

    We are redoing our stationery and getting everything foiled, no print. So we talk to a printer and ask them if its a job they'd do…

    Sep 23, 087 replies
  • ian


    Hey all, looking for good examples of logos with word marks only, no additional symbols. Anyone have any good examples or links?

    Sep 18, 0840 replies
  • ian


    I'm sat in a conference room, 3 hours after I was due to finish, listening to a bunch of morons blather on about shite while I pre…

    Sep 8, 0813 replies
  • ian


    Yes, yes I am. Too many coronas as I got killed endlessly playing gta 4. Now I have that fuzzy head, weird taste in my mouth and I…

    Aug 30, 081 replies
  • ian

    iPhone copy/paste

    Just learned how to do it.

    Surf to find out how you can win fabulous prizes

    Aug 27, 087 replies