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I am really in a bad mood and I am going to rip everything I see unless it's fucking really different and inspring so deal with it and you know what?

The next gay man that hits on me is getting a punch in the fucking face...

Yes I vote for gay marriage, of course I do.

Fuck discrimination.

Skaters: your lame and tired and please, unless your good stop being a fucking poser.



That's it. I hate QBN and that asshole 'albums'.

This site sucks, it's dominated by a handful of egotistical psychopaths. And they are dumb. Maybe if they had some intelligence I would allow myself to be dominated. But no.

Delete me.
Delete me!!!





Well it has come to the point where my budget can no longer support having a dot com and a server.

I realized that cutting the fat of my site resulted in having about 1 page worth of content on a wordpress site.

Fuck it.

Long live wordpress.



I hate when chrome becomes a resource hog.

Yeah Im clearing the cache but I've never been a fan of auto-updating software from a requirements standpoint.



What do you think of random number threads?


Loser Kerning


Lebowski was raped.

It's obvious.


F your chords, Apple.

For decades, the appliance industry has used a standard of durable chords.

Why apple cannot use cords that don't dissolve into a rubbery powder is beyond any valid explanation.

This is a crime of design and is just as bad as having an operating system that crashes every day.

Thumbs down, Apple...

thumbs down.


Fuck squares.

Because fuck squares.


Big Day in Video and Tech

Apple 2: 35 years…

Intel SSD's hit new price lows:…

2.5K cheaper than ever:…

4k projectors under 10k, 6k cameras en vogue:……

Raspberry Pi shipping:…


Women these days.

I am single again after 7 years of marriage.

It seems that women do not like to be complimented or treated "special" in any way.

Is this a correct observation?

Was Slick Rick ahead of his time when he said
"treat em like a prostitute?".

Any insights will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


ProMax Workstation (2012)

I got the email about the current scenario (that's my word, don't use it. kidding):

Apparently, this company was on the cutting edge of the Final Cut Pro movement, which is in transition. So these menaces with no loyalty whatsoever (good, because Apple is slacking), is not waiting for new MAC PCs, they are just going Avid and Premiere with an industrial design knockoff of the powerMac case...


I figure you can go unofficially Hackintosh if you want to although with no warranty it would be purely experimental. Will APple do Mountain Lion on PCs? Doubtful.

Whatever, Apple... whatever, man.

(I do not work for Promax, this is not a paid advert.)


epill threatened to kill me.

Last night he threatened to kill me because I did not agree that an iPad could be used to show design work in an interview.…

get off the drugs fashion boy.




Is it lame to "this" your own thread, or can it be done to reitirate your point?


Commodore Design

Well, I did the Linux design thread and I decided to follow it up with the new Commodore approach to design.

the new commodore Amiga

In the 90's the Amiga was a major solution for video pros with it's video "toaster" software.

Has anyone tried the new stuff?


Doing something crazy.

Any ideas?


Linux Design

Linux is looking good these days, any designers on Linux?

What tools are you using?




If a man 3x your size...

charges at you and you shoot him in the chest... should you go to jail?


Switching Careers

I would like opinions on what to suggest as a good way of starting a new career?

Would going to school for that career be the best choice?

What if you are in your mid-30's?

Is school still the best choice?



What are your thoughts on the design industry and age?

Does it seem that jobs for designers stay stuck at the 25-30 age?

Will we see guys like Paul Rand in the digital age?


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