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Handsome Frank / Jean Jullien

I haven't been on here in a while. I used to work as a graphic designer but a few years back setup an illustration agency called Handsome Frank. Anyway. We commissioned a few films recently about the illustrators we represent. Here's the first one: Jean Jullien.


Photography portfolio crit

I just updated my photography portfolio. Would love some constructive feedback:


*runs for cover...


Giclee printer NYC

People of QBN. Can you recommend a good company for Giclee prints in NYC? I need to get this chap printed for a client.


3D/CGI artists?

Is there anyone on here, or do you know any talented 3D/CGI artists? Similar to Justin Metz.


Nice recruitment agency websites?

Is there such thing as a nice looking recruitment agency website? It doesn't' have to be in the creative sector. Links please.


Nice invoices

Does anyone have some examples of nicely designed invoices?


Photo series: I'm going to be a dad!

I decided to photograph my friends and families reactions when I told them "I'm going to be a dad". Here's some of the reactions (click the link for the whole series).



Nice instructional videos

I'm looking for examples of well designed 'how to' or instructional videos. Something better than this example would be great.


Ring size

Ok guys. I've reached that critical point in my life when I need to buy a small rock for my girlfriend. Only problem is I have no idea what her ring size is as she hardly ever wears them.

Any bright ideas as to how I can find out, without giving the game away? Rohypnol?


Graduate illustrators

For any illustrators about to, or recently graduated, post your portfolios here...


Animated emails

Our lovely client is asking the usual question - "can we add some animation to our email?".

I've always been of the impression that animation in emails (GIF) is a bad bad idea. Does anyone have any links to articles or 'best practices' that explain why this is not a good idea?


Publicis London "I've Got a Feeling"

Oh good lord:


T-Shirt Copyright

Calling all legal bods. Would there be any legal copyright implications for printing/selling a tshirt like the one below where the cameras make/model (Canon) is clearly visible?


Director 11.5

Anyone still using Director here? I really got into it a few years back (MX2004) and was doing some interesting stuff using the TrackThemColors extra.

Anyone got any nice links to some recent Director based projects?


sRGB IEC61966-2.1

So where I'm working they've setup all the online designers macs to run off the same color profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

However when the PSD is sliced up and exported the colours look different - usually a lot more saturated than they do in PS. Can anyone explain what we're doing wrong as it's causing problems between the designers and the developers. Help!


Unusual social groups

Can you think of an unusual group or category of people that I can photograph (I'm based in London if that helps)? As there's quite a few unusual people on QBN I thought it'd be a good place to ask for ideas.

My initial thoughts (although rubbish) are: people who live at the number 40 house. Nudists. Old people in fancy dress. People who have amassed a large collection of something. Yeah ok, these really aren't that good.



Running trainers

Can anyone recommend good pair of running trainers? Got into running a while back - I run five miles once or twice a week, plus the occasional half marathon. My current trainers are a six year old pair of Nike's that are worn flat.

This place is near me, that does the running style analysis. Not sure if it's worth it or just hype?…


Google Maps Integration

Anyone got examples of nicely designed websites that has google maps API integrated in the page? Only one I've found, that isn't too bad is:…


Image usage

Good folk of QBN,
I've been approached via my photography site about using an image on the front cover of the in-flight magazine for Thai Airways. This is great news for me as I'm not (yet) what you'd class as a professional photographer.

They've asked me about usage fees, but I have no ideas how much you'd normally charge for this. Can anyone give any guidance?

Here's my site: http://www.tomrobinsonphotograph…


Image scroll - annoying?

A quick question, once you've clicked on an image on this site, do you find the full screen image scroll annoying or not? Ja or nein?



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