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My partner and I are thinking of moving to New Zealand. I wondered if anyone had any advice on the best places to be with regards to art/design etc. Auckland? Wellington?
...and has fatpipe broadband been rolled out over there outside the cities?
I hear blackspade is the man to talk to?
I'm an illustrator btw.



I mean I would rather have had United got through, but fuck me if the game at Stamford Bridge wasn't one of the best games I've seen, period.

ronaldhinios second goal looked awesome but if you checked the replay it was just a toepoke, and he had the cheek to cross his chest and thank god for it. A toepoke!

but why did ronaldhinio swop shirts with Ferreira at half time?


Fat people funnier?

Are fat comedians funnier?

I have a theory that we are more inclined to laugh at 'fat' comedians than their slim cousins.

On the basis that we are generally less threatened by the heavier person and therefore laughter is much more achievable.

any takers?


MacBook UPdate?

So they've pimped the MacBook Pros with new intels.. are they doing the same with the MacBooks before xmas?


coolosxapps for sale...


an institution.


Best AlbumTitle

"I'll shut up when you fuck off'
Trigger Happy

Bad Taste Records



tee hee

all the addtional photos of that flat for sale have been stretched horrifically, look at the size of that bath for petes sake!


apple ram wtf!?

so say i want a new imac

why the fuck are apple charging $850 for the 4GB sticks when crucial (and presumably elsewhere) have them for $149?

I realise ram direct from apple is pricey but this is horseshit.


Brian Clough RIP

some character...


Jets to Brazil

What the hells happened to Blake and his lonely romantics...?

I know their drummer left?


< Dolphins

jesus, I couldn't watch all that. wtf!


Bob Nanna SRLSY?!

from Braid to writing diittys for threadless tees..?!


Joshua Leigh

Holy moly, that guy's got skills and ideas in abundance!



whos gonna see the show tonight?

Unfortunately I'm not in london godammit!


Gmail + MT

Anybody using Gmail to pick up Media Temple emails?

Recently it's been slow picking them up, like 20/30 mins between them being sent and gmail showing them.

Checked my webmail and they're on the server. So not sure what's happening, but it points to gmail.
Changed some the nameservers last week to instead of which seemed to work at first, but now again this 30 minute lag...

Any help appreciated.



hmmm whats an NTB post worth?

I had the good fortune to be mentoined last night and my webstats tell me this has created over a thousand sessions on my site already, ...and counting.

ok, that may not seem much to you hardened 56k'ers,
but any PBS post struggles to generate a fifth of that.

Thats some nice exposure.

cheers Paul, D5ive


pompous itunes

itunes now refuses to import certain cds due to 'access privelages'.
cds that i know (cos they're on my ipod) it previously accepted.
so has itunes stepped up its security?

and is there a way around this?
like hold shift and wink while inserting disc etc??


flash help

I have a button in the main timeline.

onRelease I want to play a frame in test.swf, that's in in the main timeline.

any help?


(mt) Mail Protect

Does nyone use Media Temple's spam filter?
Does it work?
is it worth the exta cost?

I'm using JunkMatcher and it's just not cutting it..

your help is much appreciated.



okay i'm printing some cards up to shower art directors/editors with and promote my illustration.

please help me choose iyho which image is best. (wishes he could afford all three)

its simple

a, b or c!…


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