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    I was going to post this in politics but I figure creating a new thread might piss you off more :)…

    We live in a country where 60m+ people are going to vote for a dementia patient to be leader of the free world.

    We live in a country where cities burn to the ground and no one does anything to stop it, in fact they defund the police and tell them to stand down.

    We live in a culture where despite every major corporation openly promoting, endorsing, and funding a marxist revolution those against it continue to use their products and services.

    We live in a culture where Netflix openly promotes pedophilia and the top show is “Lucifer,” but millions keep on paying the monthly subscription and watching.

    We live in a culture where about 5 companies in Silicon Valley openly censor the President of the United States and his supporters for 5 years now—and according to studies 90% of people are aware of this, yet keep using those services anyway!

    It’s easy to get blackpilled while seeing this, but the revolution starts with one. Be the first domino and inspire others to follow your lead. That’s what we have been doing at Gab for four years now.

    Gab isn’t just building an alternative social network, we’re building an alternative internet. From hosting infrastructure to web browsing to social networking to an ISP (getting a Gab Satellite in orbit to offer internet services is a stretch goal for the next decade and I’m not joking.)

    Something I think a lot about is: if the Pilgrims were around today (and we are) where would we go? Where is our “new world?” Where do Christians, patriots, and sane people who cherish American values and freedom go to escape this madness?

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that Gab is that place. The physical location doesn’t matter. What matters is our shared values, vision, and mission.

    So long as we have a place to speak freely, and soon trade, buy, and sell freely; we can operate outside of the existing real world chaos and create our own new world filled with truth, hope, and promise. Our own digital nation and economy, united around shared values and freedom.

    We are the Founding Fathers of this digital new world.

    When critics think about and talk about Gab, they do so with short term thinking. This is a problem caused by the Silicon Valley mindset: grow as fast as possible at all costs, even if you sell your soul and give up your values in the process.

    That’s not how we think or operate here.

    We are building Gab for the long game. What happens when Trump is no longer President (hopefully in 4 years?) You think the censorship is bad now? Just wait until 2024. Things have accelerated to the point where cities are burning to the ground and the President of the United States of America is being censored by technology companies. That’s all happening while he’s in power. Imagine when they take control, and inevitably due to demographic change and social conditioning, they will. We need to be prepared and have a place where truth and sanity can surface online.

    At Gab we think, plan, and build for years, not days. Little by little, inch by inch, the Gab community, product, and ecosystem grows. Until one day we wake up and Gab is one of the biggest and most important websites on the internet. The new internet.

  • scarabin4

    Cool. Round ‘em all up and put ‘em in a little pen

    We’d have less drama here, that’s for sure

  • dbloc1

    Did you start a thread to promote a news website?

    • No, they’re pitching a second internet just for christers and trumpersscarabin
    • Hardly a second internet..It's just a communitydbloc
    • maybe I'm not getting the whole picture heredbloc
    • Did you read it? They’re calling it “the new internet” and want their own satellites ‘n’ shitscarabin
    • Like digital amishscarabin
    • I see more rhetoric than anything promising.dbloc
    • It’s a great opportunity to fleece a lot of gullible idiotsscarabin

    "We need to be prepared and have a place where truth and sanity can surface online" while supporting Trump. Amazing.

  • PhanLo4

    It sounds like heaven.
    Full of the most boring cunts that ever lived.

  • scarabin5

    Building walls

    It’s an obsession


    It's going to be great, the greatest site ever. Nobody ever even has seen a site like this before.

  • grafician2

    Somebody just trip and pull the plug on this shit...

  • monospaced4

    A safe space for bigoted conservative trump supporters. Okay, snowflakes.

  • AQUTE0

    Im not a Trumper or a republican or a democrat... but I seriously do want to ask you all.

    Do you think the system is fucked?

    Why and or how can someone like Trump or Bush or ... get in there? Are they the absolute best we can come up with? Is Biden really that different than Bush II or some "other old white guy"?

    I think you should all be pissed about the system not the President of the Day. Pull your focus on the big picture not the small hands big idiot piñata of the media.

    How can we fix this? Make America and the world a better place?

    • so what you're really asking is how can we 'make america great again'?

      *runs :P
    • Haha I kid I kid lolAQUTE
    • to me it seems this is all complete and total bullshit. An actor, a fake, a reality show person no matter who it is Obama or trump or tomorrow ...AQUTE
    • What makes you think americans aren’t fed up with the system? Trump lost by 2.8 MILLION VOTES but he’s in office. You think we’re happy about that?scarabin
    • Why not some REAL candidates?AQUTE
    • Bernie was a great candidate but money wonscarabin
    • Every Dem i know wanted Berniescarabin
    • He seemed pretty cool. But you don't think he could pull some money together? I still think system is fucked. If he did win he couldn't change much.AQUTE
    • The system is absolutely fuckedscarabin
    • Whoaa there scarabin, you hitting with the truth like it's one of your hard-to-digest-image...grafician
    • This "blame the system, both sides the same" stuff falls pretty flat right now...let's revisit this when there is not a racist lunatic in charge of the country.yuekit
    • what do you mean it falls flat? how the fuck did he get in there!? system is fucked, a guy like that shouldn't be on jury duty let alone POTUSAQUTE
    • The people in power obviously didn't want Trump. He was supposed to be the reaction to all of the establishment's failings. But somewhat unsurprisingly electingyuekit
    • a lying, racist wannabe dictator doesn't solve anything, it makes things a lot worse. Get rid of him and then we can talk about other issues.yuekit
    • oh fuck me this is an other politics thread?sted
    • are you really suggesting GAB is the answer?Fax_Benson
  • _niko2

    We want to live in a culture where you can marry your sister and reach your kids that dinosaurs didn’t exist

  • PhanLo0

  • inteliboy1

    "Do you think the system is fucked?"

    People always will complain about politics, the government and 'the system'. Leaders get mocked. Politicians ridiculed. And things will always appear fucked no matter how good we actually have it in reality. Nature of humans. Business as usual.

    It's just that this time around, after years of being told the left are snowflake commies... it turns out the truth is it's the far right and trumptards that are the greatest fragile little snowflakes of all time...

    They even had to coin the term "alternate facts" to skew their egomaniac leaders narrative into their world view.

    And now apparently want to build a seperate internet? Their own 'safe space'? Fucking lol.

    Their hypocrisy is mind boggling. Especially as the media, the government and now the internet has overwhelming been corrupted by their bullshit. Yet somehow it isn't enough.

    • sounds to me like they are both sensitive (left & right) so yea I agree humans are sensitive. childish from both sides. people are sensitive when insecure.AQUTE
    • the left are irritating. but the right are in power, world wide, and continue to fuck our shit up.inteliboy
  • AQUTE-1

    definitely looks like a swing in tide

    • its suggesting there will be more Dem presidents? cuz Rep has more house seats right now.pango
    • I would say 2008 is the turning point and invert the graph. Red might be on the rise.AQUTE
    • Democrats won the House in the last Congressional elections by a decent margin. But what this graph is showing is that the popular vote advantage for Demsyuekit
    • was actually bigger than the actual number of seats they won.yuekit
  • Salarrue0

    • It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times_niko
  • Fax_Benson-2

    AQUTE might be onto something here. Maybe things aren't so quite great at the moment. What if Trump and Biden aren't actually the best candidates possible? Food for thought.

    • what if the world and the internets isn't just about US politics?sted
    • Obvious food is obvious.inteliboy
  • sted1

    pff an other guy who wants to reinvent the email.
    it's just dumb

    0 understanding how computing networks, the internets and humans work.

    ps: even rassa/china can't properly segregate the entire country from the global network .

  • sted1

    kids who cry about this.

    you can only a fraction of the actual network, for example i'm still using IRC :)

  • face_melter9

    You're pitching a 'community' populated almost entirely by cancerous NF whackjobs refugees from /pol/ and T_D. A community that has been constantly kicked from hosting and payment services for allowing rampant and unfettered hate speech. A community that was home to such upstanding citizens as the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter.

    Stop trying to soften it or sugarcoat it by calling it a thrust for freedom or an 'alternative internet'. It's a fucking wretched shitpit of nazi's and white supremacists.…

    • I've seen your softball sales pitch before. Get fucked.face_melter
    • </thread>sted
    • yup. i clicked on the link in op, total shit.renderedred
  • Ianbolton0

    More and more divisive than ever and now they want their own internet. It's always them and us. I'm neither left or right, but both are veering so far out to the fringes that the idea of a composed, centred leadership seems so far away now that I seriously think the apparent 'free world' is fucked. You can't divide and conquer like in the good ole days. That's not how civilisation works now.

    • this "both sides" argument is a bit rich when Trump is in power, the world is run by right wing governments, and Murdoch dominates the media.inteliboy
  • utopian1