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  • SimonFFM

    This is a screenshot from my Google Analytics.

    It looks pretty flattering. Quite a few countries covered up. But it makes me suspicious. Aren't many of these just bots visiting my website? It looks a bit unrealistic, right?

    Especially because I recently saw the map of another website and it looked very similar to mine. So how much would you trust it?

  • hotroddy0

    its tough for google to differentiate between bots and real people. if time spent on site is 0:00 than it's most likely a bot.

    • ok, good point.SimonFFM
    • so the one person from Paramaribo who spend 5 seconds on my page is a bot then, I would say.SimonFFM
    • ok, an 8 minutes from oman. this all makes sense now. thanks!SimonFFM
    • bots that ping the server usually do it under 1 second. but yeah.. another good indicator is page viewshotroddy
    • more page views than you know is realhotroddy
    • but 5 seconds is like the world record fap time... so, it must be a bot...SimonFFM