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  • detritus

    After a couple of months away from my smartphone, I've got it back on and whilst there are features I'm glad to have back in my life, I'm now massively conscious of how utterly invasive Google is and how little I want all the 'added feature' bullshit.

    So. Imma gonna root/flatten the fucker and install [I assume] LineageOS.

    Any of yous lot gone down this path and have any useful pointers?

    I'm hoping I can replicate some of the critical Google services (Maps especially) to that I can maintain Maps and Uber (although the loss of the latter isn't the end of the world) - I'm assuming I'm going to lose access to the apps I've purchased through Play, but fuckit.

    Any gotchas I should be aware of?

    I'm on an old Nexus 5, so I'm fairly sure my phone's a baseline for this sort of thing in terms of compatability.


    Are there any alternatives I should consider... eg Sailfish?

    Thanks for any pointers!

  • jaylarson2


  • mugwart0

    sailfish is pretty good but you have to get specific phones for it truly to work.

    I'm sick of all phones and just want something that allows me to chat to my GF and will take an emergency phone if my son is sick or something.

    I have a crappy wileyfox. Great crap phone - just andriod.

    • https://www.thelight… ?
      Only thing I didn't like about being solely tied to my Nokia soapbar was texting. i forgot how much of a PITA it is
    • like the look of that - not the cost though!mugwart
    • lols at "the phone that respects you". it's a dumb box ffs, incapable of respect, you stupid cuntshans_glib
  • drgs1

    In the past I used an app locker (an app which prevents you from using other apps). You can set it as device admin and run as service + use a 30 char long random password which you keep written down somewhere safe, but obviously not together with your phone.
    Name of the app? App Locker. There are thousands of them with identical name, impossible to find out which one I used.

    • It's not so much about self-control, if I understand where you're coming from, I just want to shut out excess permissions and the Googleplex as much as possibledetritus
    • Dive into it head first and stop caring. I use Chrome, have android phone, android TV, Google Drive instead of Dropbox, I even run some scripts on Google Clouddrgs
    • Youtube for all my music, and its all connected together with one account. The more Google the better. Is there a Google service I am not using? Challenge medrgs
    • I particularly want to uninstall 90%+ of the fucking Google apps.detritus
    • haha, i posted this before seeing your responses. Perfick.
      No, I don't want anything to do with any of it. I loathe it all.
    • OK, I do value my YouTube subscriptions.
      But I don't want that tied to my every day activities and movements.
    • That shit can all stay on my idiotPad.detritus
  • section_0140

    I've been casually looking into this lately. Lineage is one I've saw mentioned a few times. My problem with it, from a development standpoint, is that it's still Android under the hood.

    I'd like something that's basically Linux that I can make calls and texts with. Plus, some basic bitch stuff like camera/photo gallery. Then, I could write stuff in C++ to suit my personal needs. Android is fucking opinionated how everything should work. Plus, it's impossible to get into the file system and do anything. A good thing for most people, yes. But, not when you want to customize your phone.

  • vvvv1

    Yesterday I bought this Nokia 105 for my summer holiday (5 weeks!!).
    You can only use it for calling and messaging. That's it.

    I bought it because I'm on my way to sailing and hiking and this phone has 19 day battery life. My Huawei Android is usually out after 5-8 hours..
    I also bought on extra prepaid card and made my smartphone to forward any calls to this Nokia.

    During my holidays Im with my family and don't need to connect hourly on my mail or any other channel (read: QBN) so this is perfect.

    So, maybe after my vacation Im interested bout Sailfish as well :)

    #midlifecrisismaybe #downshiftingforthesummer

    This Nokia model costs 19 EUR

    • Nokia soapbar fines are brilliant - i hope to always have one. Just the f'ing txt'ng's a pain.detritus
    • fines? 'Phones', eejit.detritus
  • zaq0

    Getting my son relaygo