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  • CyBrainX

    Last AE question of 2014:

    I have a layer I want to parent to another layer whose scale is very small. I don't think that should matter but when I make the parent connection, the child object disappears (gets very small) and it's scale property remains at 100%. Why does its appearance change at all? And why isn't the resulting scale percentage become very large? It should be relative to the parent's scale.

    Thanks in advance. If it helps, I'm working on this tutorial at 06:10

  • CyBrainX0

    So far I believe this to be a software limit on the low end of scale parameters that my good friend Andrew Kramer didn't mention in his tutorial. I used a null instead of the smallest, most zoomed in layer ast the parent, set that at the number he used. (scale = .005%) and then everything worked as expected.

    • ahhh shit, sorry dude, havent been in AE for a while and forgot linking to a null is often an easier way. pleased you sorted it! :DHombre_Lobo
    • (although your first method should have worked, stupid AE)Hombre_Lobo
  • moldero0

    I did that tute for this:

    I didn't pick that font and font size for the record.

    • Very nice. I like how you used the cloud cover to transition to the last scene. Very smooth overall.CyBrainX
    • thats sick dude! very nice! :DHombre_Lobo