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  • epigraph

    Just putting together a WP site that will have quite a few photo galleries as posts.

    What is the best way to go about this. I need something really minimal with thumbnails.

    How does WP handle this natively?

  • mg330

    A few options:

    1) Do you use Flickr? If so, I HIGHLY suggest using a gallery such as this that I have on my blog: http://www.randomtransmission.co…. The accordion effect is not included, but see how the gallery of thumbnails is? That's a plugin that pulls from Flickr sets or other options on Flickr. I love it because I put the time into managing photos on Flickr and hate doing it again elsewhere. If you were interested in the accordions I could probably point you in the right direction to the jquery resource.

    2) What them are you using? Does it come with gallery options? I have another site, www.michaelgallegly.com that I am slowly building up as a photo portfolio, and it is built by http://graphpaperpress.com/ using the Uno theme. You'd have to pay for a membership, but it's totally worth it for their support. There's also another gallery they provide there called GPP Slideshow - http://graphpaperpress.com/plugi… that works with their themes.

    There are plenty of other galleries out there, but I really like the Flickr option because of how many places you can use it. it's a plugin and uses a single line of code in your post to assemble everything:

    [miniflickr photoset_id=72157627228842022&am...

    Piece of cake.

    • That's the Flickr Mini Gallery plugin used on the blog.mg33
  • epigraph0

    yeah I think I'm going with a Flickr solution. This is a custom theme for somebody else and I am not developing it. Just wanted to see what my design limitations were.

  • mg330

    It's much better to do that I think. Kills two birds with one stone: builds your flickr account and participation in the community, and easily integrates with Wordpress using that plugin.

    Check out Flickr Mini Gallery first. I spent time with several and none of them did what I wanted them to except for that one. A note as well: You may come across an issue with the thumbnails not tiling properly across multiple columns. I cant' remember what the hell I did to solve that, and support at the site was pretty slim. Somehow I figured it out, but shoot me an email if you use it and have that problem.

  • Nathan_Adams0

    I tend to use the Attachments (or Attachments Pro) plugin, which allows you to attach multiple images (or other files) to a post/page easily. Then just roll your own layout in your theme. I find I can get the exact result I want on the site, and make it easy as possible for clients to update - rather than use the built in 'Gallery' function which is pretty shit.