Art Directors Toolkit or Similar

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  • mandomafioso

    Is Art Directors Toolkit the only option for measuring on-screen pixels, sampling colors, converting units, etc? Anyone know of any other apps for mac that might do the job?

  • Miguex0

    I use AD Toolkit all the time.
    But if you are only looking to measure pixels on screen, you can always do this:

    1) Shift + Command + 4
    2) Click hold and drag mouse, without letting mouse go
    3) Press hold space bar and move mouse without letting it go

    You can see the pixels size next to the cursor

    • < good tipdbloc
    • Nice, I didn't know about the space bar portion of this tip.nb
    • actually you don't want to hit the space bar if you want to see the pixels.dbloc
    • Press Esc once you got the size instead of ending up with tons of screen grabs.Centigrade
    • The space thing is only o adjust the selection, just like in photoshop :)Miguex