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  • bored2death

    America is a nation in need of healing. But no healing shall be had. Because two of our most important toothpaste manufacturers are locked in legal battle to the death over the future of nurdles. Nurdles on packages. Toothpaste packages.

    Nurdle Dispute Threatens Fragile Nurdle PeaceWhat is a nurdle? A nurdle is that hypnotizing wave-shaped squirt of multicolored toothpaste that appears on toothpaste packages, seeming to call out to you like Siren of Hygiene, "Come, partake; squeeze my tube and you too shall see a perfect nurdle on your brush, before your very eyes."

    Nurdle Dispute Threatens Fragile Nurdle PeaceNow the Aquafresh people are suing the Colgate people for using a similar nurdle, and the Colgate people are suing the Aquafresh people because hey jerks, you're not the only ones in town who like nurdles, and you, the consumer, are caught square in the middle of an old-fashioned toothpaste marketing shootout. "A picture of a nurdle is important because the oral care aisle is so crowded," reports the WSJ.

    Crowded with love? Not any more, friends. Not any more.…

  • Lifeinvector0

    I'm gonna name my first born Nurdle.

  • detritus0

    I like the way you took all the content from the site, bar the single image that might've allowed the above to make any sense at all, then left provided a link for me to go and ... well, do very little

    Thanks for that. Special.

    I'll just fill in the remaining gap, then we can close this thread down, k?

    • All hail Detritus - Thread Killer! well done, sir.stoplying