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  • kezza_2

    As to why it (COD) was re-activated?

    Was wondering if you noticed that postings dropped off a cliff? Not looking for an answer but I wonder how much traffic to other threads other threads create.

    If there was no COD, POD, GIF or POLITICS threads. How much traffic would go on?

    Don't know about other people, but as a creative I come here for a break and occasionally a specific design Q, and I suspect most people are the same given the numbers of posts in ^ those threads...

    Back to work

  • oooooooooohya0

    Here's my theory...

    There was probably a big meeting over at QBN headquarters, where they sat and discussed the Chick of the Day censorships. There were issues that needed to be discussed. Things had to be worked out. They sat and talked, dranked, played ping pong, shot the shit. Then a few girls came over, with a man by the name of Mr.Carson, a big cheese from the neighborhood, stopped by.

    While the girls seduced the QBNers, Mr.Carson dropped a big bag of cocaine on the table. Next thing you know, the girls, the QBNers were sniffing and drinking ALL NIGHT LONG. Mr.Carson had advised that this shit can keep going all night long. Everyone wanted it. The girls, the cocaine, the midnight booze.

    Then the girls left. The office was empty. The ping pong table covered with crap. The booze was not flowing. Things were silent, boring. All the QBNers were sad, lonely, nothing to do. So there was only one thing to do...

    Re-open the Chick of the Day thread:

  • QBN0

    It was removed in error.