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  • welded

    I have a new job at my company to oversee the redesign and development of our entire web presence. I've had some experience in this but not on such a scope or with any sort of budget. What I'm asking is what I might need to keep myself organized and on track. My first day on the job is Monday but what I know now is that my first priority is to map everything out (and to presumably track down content) which will then be provided to the firm handling the development. I will probably be meeting these people in person as well.

    I'm sure I can figure it out as I go but I'm on a tight deadline and don't have much room for mistakes.

    So, finally, any recommendations for software* or tips from those who've been there before will be greatly appreciated. This is a great opportunity for me and I can't fuck it up. :\

    Thanks so much!

    *I'm currently on a PC with Office installed but can get a Mac and just about anything else I need, apparently.

  • piperboytoy0

    Are you guys out sourcing the work to an agency or all the work is being done in house?

    I guess you'll need a firm launch date and then you'll have to set milestones for delivery from the web dev and design team.

    So you're a project manager for this?

  • ********

    if this is your first dev project, expect 50% to go wrong.

    always give more time

  • DeviceUnseen0

    I don't understand your question about software. The Adobe Web Bundle should be everything you need ( but I would assume you would already know that.

    In terms of project management it really depends on if this is outsourced or in house (with staff augmentation). I would suggest MS Project or an online tool like Basecamp (

    If you outsource this, which is best for a quick turn around time, then you need to put together a solid RFP (request for proposal) and get some estimates from local shops. My guess is the estimates should come back around $75k-$100k+ for site design and some basic CMS functionality from a solid small to medium sized firms. The dot come bubble has burst and people don't spend millions on web sites BUT that doesn't mean it's a couple thousand for something quality.

    You most likely will have to do some level setting and education at you company which may entail pushing out their launch date or having them step up the budget.

  • welded0

    The bulk of the design and development is going to be outsourced to a third party in California (I'm in Vancouver) that was decided upon before I became involved because they specialize in web commerce and that's where we're heading, but in-house the web team consists of just me and it seems that I'll be acting as project manager.

    Since I haven't actually *started* the job yet I lack a few hard details such as when the site needs to go live or even what our budget is.

    I'm sorry if I'm being a bit nebulous here, but what I'm hoping to get is an idea of what I'll need to make the learning curve managable and to be able to efficiently provide this firm in California with what they need. Like the site map, for example. I can do it in Excel, Notepad, Illustrator, on cocktail napkins, and so on, but if there's some sort of standard or preferred format or software for this, I'm all over it.

    I'm not concerned about design related software (ie. Adobe/Macromedia stuff) because I've got what I need, but if MS Project has the tools I need to keep my shit together I'll definately make a case for it.

    Again, I know I'm probably not being very clear about what I'm asking, but I appreciate the suggestions. Please also understand that this is not just a new position for me but for the company as well. Before, the web work was handled by only a couple in-house people who, frankly, didn't know what the hell they were doing so I would like to do this right, but like I said, I don't have much time to do so. :\

    Thanks again!