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  • thenohero33

    • Goddamn beautifulRamanisky2
    • I love the color grading edits of 1, 2 & 5Ramanisky2
    • hell yeah! \m/kaiyohtee
    • Fuck you!!!pango
    • 1st one! WOW!Krassy
    • This looks like some 3.5 hour long movie I would watch over and over.Cosmodrome
    • Everest?garbage
    • You all too kind, thank you. Everest, I wish bubba. Sadly just a typical mountain range up in AK.thenohero
    • Gorgeous!milfhunter
    • Where is AK? Alaska?milfhunter
    • Nice pics but who are you? Never seen you around here.NBQ00
    • A bit over processed for my taste which makes them almost look like AI.mort_
    • AK = Arkansas lolRamanisky2
    • Ha, I thought you found some weird angle on Everest. They're really greedy with the access permits on the south rim.garbage
    • 1 looks like most of the regrowth on forestry roads surrounding it.garbage
    • @milfhunter yes
      @garbage Indeed, access road on backside, good eye.
      @mort_ I do abuse color for emotion, no ai
      @NBQ00 I am just a lurker
    • lovely stuff <3PonyBoy
    • Ver niceJosev
    • These are beautiful, but more so because you shot ghem. Ie there’s a story behind them, we can feel the cold in some, smell the morning air in others_niko
    • Wonder how you travelled there and with who. What adventure were you on when you shot them? All of this adds to the wonder and excitement of these._niko
    • Now these could also be ai. Something a machine spat out in a nanosecond but it loses all the humanity and soul of a real photo._niko
    • @_niko you nailed it. Chasing light currently starts at 3:30AM for me. Golden ends for me at 11PM+ It's just doggie and me, plus an insanely beautiful worldthenohero
    • for the hard critics ... LR output file - 14mm - f/4 - 25seconds + ND10000 on z9 https://www.thenoher…thenohero

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