Star Wars: The Acolyte

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  • prophetone8

    Dear diary, episode six now I guess I dunno... so so so much endless talking, random walks on desolate beach, something about cosplaying someone’s sweaty helmet for no apparent reason, lots of heavy breathing, possibly the most boring thing I’ve ever watched in my entire life. The end.

    • thank you for your sacrificested
    • I will keep pushing through, for all of usprophetone
    • lol prophet and you’re the only one who’s been trying to give it the benefit of the doubt! Now all hope is lost!_niko
    • Listen, I WANT this to be a winner I really honestly do, I’m not hating for all the ridiculous catchphrase reasons flying around...prophetone
    • The writing is lazy and terrible and cheesy as all heck, omg so much cheese with characters you don’t care about bc they haven’t bothered to make it dynamicprophetone
    • I can handle all this if there’s great cinematography and occasional expected, true-to-canon tie fighter zipping by or something...prophetone
    • But no. Let’s do 50 mins of dialogue and sprinkle a scrap of action... or if there’s more than 1 min of action it’s repetitive, boring swordfights in a forest zzzprophetone
    • First episode was great, clever action moments that were Star Wars-esque, Carrie Moss scene was awesome... but that was top of hill and now we’re rolling down it?prophetone
    • Mouse Company if you’re out there, please do another ANDOR or something of that calibre... This is like a last-minute grade 10 video class project submission.prophetone
    • It feels like star wars is at its best when there are no Jedi around.monNom

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