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  • YakuZoku8

    • ^^Danish
    • I need to re-watch this.Continuity
    • ^ I did, a few months ago.
      So damn good.
    • I recently upgraded my subwoofer and recalibrated my surround and picture. This was absolutely amazing afterward. One of my faves for home theater.monospaced
    • This is the weirdest movie to me. A bunch of friends and I got stoned and saw it in theater. I fucking loved it.garbage
    • One of my friends was somehow "this is the most boring thing I have ever seen, wake me up when it's over." He snored through the whole film, lol.garbage
    • ^ wut?!? , how da Fuq do you sleep thru this amazing action packed and LOUD movie? Your bud must be a narcolepticRamanisky2
    • Former cop in one of the most dangerous cities in the US, ex-security merc in the middle east, now total stoner pacifist. He's one of a kind.garbage
    • By far one of the most ridiculous and interesting friends I had the privilege to grow up with.garbage
    • I thought it was shit. i know, im alone in this.ArmandoEstrada
    • i recently recalibrated my surround sounddoesnotexist

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