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  • Ramanisky23

    ALIEN was released 44 years ago today. One of the definitive science fiction/horror movies, its influence is still seen to this day. The behind-the-scenes story of how the film was made is a fascinating one...

    A THREAD ....…

    • 44 years ago!

      Thanks for sharing :)
    • signs im getting oldhans_glib
    • the first 2 sci-fi horror movies of my life are Alien and The Thing. I’m old.Ramanisky2
    • I was 3 years old.
      One of my fav scifi movie.
    • still not seen it? is it worths?scruffics
    • only one of those ^ is a question.scruffics
    • giger´s xenomorphs alien is one of the .. if not the most iconic design icons of the last century i think...neverscared
    • ^ it’s simply perfect.Ramanisky2
    • @ramanski same here!
      I think the original Alien still holds its own against lot of recent films. Less is more, in camera practical effects mostly !!!
    • @scruff most def. Some amazing set design. Take a trip on the Nostromo.garbage
    • I'm always a bit jealous when peeps say they've never seen something like this. Watch on the biggest screen with loudest audio you can find!MrT
    • ^ Seconding biggest screen / loudest audio. If the first few minutes don't hook you, please report to an ER.garbage
    • I’m gonna watch them! I love the saga.maquito
    • 3 is such a disappointment. One of the proposed scripts was written by William Gibson, and it would have been much better.garbage
    • Intergalactic communists fail to weaponize the xenomorphs to combat , and they drift into what's essentially a space station strip mall.garbage
    • Meanwhile Weyland-Yutani is also trying to weaponize the xeno DNA to fight the space commies, and accidentally cause an outbreak of hybrid human xenosgarbage
    • that kill everyone in the space mall.garbage

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