artificial Christmas trees

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  • palimpsest2

    if (user.registeredDate < oneMonth && user.noteCount < 10){
    userCanBroadcast = false
    }else if(user.certifiedByDrgs){

    • Ban them all: https://observablehq…
    • If I read this correctly — and I'm not all that fluent in Code — you're giving drgs a free pass?Continuity
    • palimpsest is for drgs, drgs is not for palimpsest.palimpsest
    • userCanBroadcast = user.certifiedByDrgsdrgs
    • I still have to build your family tree. I only have a 2022 active users version. I'll get to it, eventually.palimpsest
    • That would be a family tree of *only* illegitimate offspring.
      Not even royalty can claim that.
    • I certified like 10-20 users, this has been blown out of proportiondrgs
    • We'll see once I crunch those numbers. I think you might be over 20.palimpsest
    • Can we have that statement come back and bite you in the ass, in the event it's a completely wrong figure?Continuity
    • Don't fret, I'll make a big deal of it either way.palimpsest
    • i like "Freshwater Beaches Door and Window" don't bansted

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