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    comments are golden

    • The Majority Report are commies, your argument is invalid.palimpsest
    • Fuck The Majority Report. One horny black dude said some shit which is edited by people that use deceptive editing techniques. Fucking morons.crazyprick
    • Exactly crazyprick_niko
    • Pfizer's press release cofirms they were doing Gain of Function. They arent denying anything the horny black dude saidzardoz
    • zardoz, quote the part where they're saying that plz. thnxcrazyprick
    • It's all out there in the release. They admit the directed evolution, swapping spike proteins, preemptively developing their treatments etczardoz
    • https://globalcovids…zardoz
    • Now, i'm guessing you'll brush this link off because it's author is discredited or a 'grifter'.zardoz
    • Anyhow, here's the quote: "You're gaining function, you're creating a new function in virus one by adding elements from virus two,"zardoz
    • "It's all out there in the release" Okay, here's the release:…crazyprick
    • Robert Fucking Malone? Are you shitting me? Hahahahahahahahahaha...crazyprick
    • Congratulations, you played yourself so fucking hard. Oh my lordcrazyprick
    • what's the issue exactly? morons lap up the fear mongering as usualinteliboy
    • I stopped reading at "Majority Report are commies". Lol, they are centrists at best, and lucky to have low hanging fruit like Project Veritas.garbage
    • I didn't know you was the lefties gatekeeper, bruh.palimpsest
    • "Centrists AT BEST"palimpsest
    • I hope you realize that this means that in your mind they are actually right wing.palimpsest
    • What's centrist in America is right wing in other countries. Maybe they've put their hand on the rudder, but I don't keep up with the MR anymore.garbage
    • When Brooks died it became more of a Pelosi fest, and there was that whole debacle where Seder spazzed out on Peck.garbage
    • "What's centrist in America is right wing in other countries."
      Just listen to yourself.
      And keep Brooks' name out your mouf!
    • How often have you left the shire?palimpsest
    • I honestly don't give a fuck what you tell the rest of these people. Just know that this is going down in my books.palimpsest
    • Bringing up Brooks like that when trying to make a point just shows your true colors. Pathetic.palimpsest
    • Fucking radical that you are, how many countries have you lived in that makes you think that America's right is the left for the rest of the world?palimpsest
    • Going down in your books? lol. If you think the MR hasn't shifted center since Brooks passed (Rest in Power), you're lying to yourself.garbage
    • I normally like you pamps, but only when you're not confused.garbage
    • One of us is confused. From your response to my first comment you're the one that looks confused. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to party.palimpsest
    • I was just saying that what passes for the left in America is not what passes for left in actual first world countries.garbage
    • Reaching across the aisle will bite Dems in the ass. They've somehow forgotten that the current GOP tried to kill their own VP..garbage
    • ..and a failed hammer attack on Pelosi. And if you don't think Pelosi isn't "centrist at best", look into her finances.garbage
    • Alright. Let's do this.
      You said that MR was not commie (like I had said) but "centrist at best" meaning that it was actually on the right.
    • You then said:
      "What's centrist in America is right wing in other countries." given the context of you previously calling the MR centrist...
    • This country is bought, plain and simple. It's just that the left leans more to thinking and not doing, the right leans more to killing and not thinking.garbage
    • ... at best it would mean that the rest of the world also sees them as right wing.
      I think this is a wild exageration, wilder than me calling them commies.
    • What are talking about here?
      We're talking about practice.
      Not the game.
    • To me this just looks like you posturing how radical you are. It's ridicously, like my first comment but in a sadder way.
      I don't even listen to the MR.
    • We're talking about practice!palimpsest
    • I hope you realize we arguing just for the sake of arguing. Both of our opening statements are wrong.

      We're talking about practice.
    • Airing out your beef with Pelosi on the side notes of a post on the Coronavirus thread.
      That's what we're doing.
      We're talking about practice!
    • lol that was an absolute dime, props. The Answer is a peacemaker for me, childhood hero.garbage

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