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  • imbecile1

    • really? it got panned by the critics but it looked so good. I avoided it but Maybe I'll check it out after all_niko
    • Nah... this suckedthumb_screws
    • I expected moreYakuZoku
    • i think cast was well assembled, people our age will recognize the old actors. chemistry between the 2 leads is good and I laughed out loud more than onceimbecile
    • i don't have a jewish or black background to use as a way to say this movie is terrible, but i found it well made and better than most on netflix.imbecile
    • It was good but felt like 75%, could’ve used more Eddieprophetone
    • Since getting the jab I'm no longer human, I have no way of appreciating this movie, therefore I will avoid it.palimpsest
    • I can't relate if someone is not the same species as me.palimpsest
    • This movie is utter shite. Just terrible in every way. Get in the bin.Morning_star
    • Also, the Focus Puller never turned up. Distracting.Morning_star
    • You can see from a mile away that this is utter shit and total waste of time.crazyprick
    • terribleApeRobot

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