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    • https://www.theguard…Nairn
    • It was fun while it lasted.jagara
    • So he's guilty as fuck until he's proven innocent?Ianbolton
    • Pretty guilty if the milk went sour on a cash cow. He fucked himself.moogchild
    • Aww shit. I think it was done anyway tbh. Do you think they will they mimic the original voices or go completely different?Hayzilla
    • "I wonder what she said to him?" in Chappelle's voice.Wordsworth
    • I bet they'll do different voices and explain it by having something happen to their vocal cords due to some sort of dimensional mishap. I hope, at least.elahon
    • Don't meet your heroes; they just ended up beating their wives.jmckinno
    • Reportedly. Allegedly. Ugh. Just accuse, no need to prove anything.jagara
    • Jesus fucking Christ, people are so fucking dumb. Let's wait for the trial, mkay?crazyprick
    • Have you guys read the screenshots of his chats with little girls? Super creepy shitscarabin
    • I haven't seen them. Has he done something illegal?crazyprick
    • Yeah, the texts are beyond reproach. And I mean, the show was his idea of Doc raping Marty, only he made Marty Doc's grandson in R&M.garbage
    • People like to ignore the fact that the pilot for this show was Rick making Morty lick his balls. Big surprise that this dude is an omnicreep.garbage
    • Just googled some shit, found one girl (was 16 so calling her a little girl is retarded), dude called her a "fucking stupid faggot bitch". 25 to life at least.crazyprick
    • Plus telling her to get into olnlyfans ‘n’ shit. Illegal? No. Pedo enough that nobody will touch him? Yesscarabin
    • She’s underage, she’s a little girl. If someone said that shit to your daughter you’d beat their assscarabin
    • Yeah, this little girl can be fucked legally in plenty of US states.crazyprick
    • scarabin, it's nice to throw heavy words around but looks like you don't know what's the definition of a pedo, you fucking moron cunt.crazyprick
    • “You fucking moron cunt”

      Dial it back a little, dude. I don’t know why you’re swinging at me.
    • Sorry, I have Tourette'scrazyprick
    • Looks like he resigned from Squanch, too. Sucks ‘cause i was hoping for more games like High on Life. That shit was funscarabin
    • ugh wtf happened her!#&?
      lol@tourette¡s, well at least you're honest about it :) damn this sounds like they should have stopped last year.
    • these only make the whole thing more and more disappointing... we lost this show forever.sted
    • Thought he admitted it. Whatever he did.pango
    • Ick. I've been following his work since Channel 101. Haven't read the details, but imagine thinking you can keep that sort of secret these days, famous or not.i_monk
    • To me it always felt like the best parts of this show came from harmon, and rolland was the szechuan sauce. I guess I'll find out if thats correctrobotinc
    • Dunno about Harmon like, his early sketch stuff was around hiding the fact he was attracted to a baby.robthelad
    • They were a match made in heaven. I tuned out of that show years ago when it was clear Harmon actually thought he was RIck.garbage
    • Look up his drunken airplane tweets if you don't believe me. He's an angry old fuck, and Roiland is an angry little pervert.garbage

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