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  • CyBrainX1

    This and everything else on QBN will be better if you don't share your fights.

    • this thread was started by Nairn exactly to start fights apparentlygrafician
    • Yes, that's right. Nairn started this thread because he's out to get you.

      You tedious fucking bore.
    • lolNairn
    • case in point...grafician
    • It really isn't, but you do you.

      It's OK if you don't get itâ„¢.
    • Continuity is bald, you're a guy with a laser shop. Remember when I gave you feedback on your dumb website? Chill.grafician
    • If there's a point being made here, I can't see it other than you still not getting that this is all nothing to do with you or your ego.Nairn
    • epill 2.0Nairn
    • There's no point here at all, Nairn. It's grafician grasping at whatever feeble straws he can manage to find.
      The lights are on, but nobody's home.
    • Why the fuck you care about me so much?
      Mind your fucking business

      the point was I couldn't care less about your opinions two old nobodies hanging around
    • Scroll up to the top of this post and see who cares about who. I generally ignore you, where I can, because you offer nothing of amusement or use to me.Nairn
    • We agree to agree thengrafician
    • How did I miss this?palimpsest
    • lol at that shitbird taking personal swipes when told that he's a clueless bore and that not only is this not about him, that he is fucking clueless in generalmonospaced

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