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    Stop fighting, we’re all one. We’re all from the same matter of the universe. From the same cosmic source.

    • Yeah, true. It's been very messy here lately...OBBTKN
    • What did mono do this time?palimpsest
    • imbecile is monospaced's hardcore version
      look at their fury unleashed against republicans and religion...and me
    • sorry but in no way I will make peace to some grown up idiots with the emotional control of small pitbullsgrafician
    • You project so hard, I feel sorry for you. Strange how you think it’s okay to attack others but when you’re on the receiving end, you don’t understand why?imbecile
    • If you support the Republican Party and the child crimes committed by the church, you’re the same level of evil they are. Don’t wonder why no one likes you.imbecile
    • You’re literally a worthless piece of shitimbecile
    • stfu, seriouslymonospaced
    • you talk so much shit and act like you’re a victim, like a deluded child who can’t see that he’s being a cunt pretty much all the timemonospaced
    • For the record I didn’t do anything. This little bitch just keeps talking about me. Leave me out of your tantrum nobody likes you.monospaced
    • I’m busy with my family and you literally know nothing about me except what your dumbass imagination can come up with.monospaced
    • I rage over religion and conservatives because they are the core of the problem affecting lives here. Not yours btw so fuck off.monospaced
    • P.S. you can't even take your own advice...… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯imbecile
    • Lol palimpsestGnash
    • God job that Ukanian shits over with so we can all go back to hating monospaced.Khurram
    • the ones just likes eating ass are from black holes.sted
    • lol look at both imbecile and monospaced replies - you can't even distinguish when one ends and the other begins! :))) they're like the same person somehowgrafician
    • @monospaced I actually post real stuff and don't get in fights with the rest of the NORMAL people around here, unlike you imbecile!grafician
    • you two idiots hate and fight with at least half dozen users around here
      Maybe YOU'RE THE PROBLEMS think about that and stop boring us
    • typical American pitbulls in heat, always looking for a fightgrafician
    • there are a dozens of posts showing and recording unnecessary hatred carried out by a user called grafician.
      yeah it's time to shut the fuck up.
    • well how about you tell them to shut the fuck up then :)

      I'm cool
    • i downvoted this postpango
    • oh shiet notes are going again.…
    • nah graf, maybe you're just an abrasive, assumptive, histrionic, know-it-all prick who - as already pointed out - projects like a daughterfucker.Nairn
    • ^ That just about sums it up.Continuity
    • 'Daughterfucker' might've been an unnecessary stretch - I found myself channeling the idea of Trumpian perversion after 'projects'.Nairn
    • still calling people idiots like a fucking asshole i see. Just because you’re hated doesn’t mean people are unintelligent. But please be the cunt you are.monospaced
    • You seem baffled by your downvotes. You can’t seem to comprehend why it’s happening and your inability to self reflect leads you to silly and wrong conclusions.monospaced
    • And if you insist it’s because people are stupid then it will never end. And before you go all fucktard, it’s not me downvtoving.monospaced
    • lol exactly posts like these makes me call you an idiot monospaced - YOU don't seem to get things.grafician
    • Also @Nairn: chill, your passive aggressive attitude has nothing to do with me, drink some water my friendgrafician
    • @Nairn Not to mention who tf takes you seriously after stories like these:…grafician
    • huh, and there's me thinking I was just being aggressive.Nairn
    • The 10 people who responded?
      It's called humility or perhaps self-depracation. I know that's an entirely alien concept to your ego.
    • *deprecation. Your snide totally not passive aggressive remark about my other blog comment recently also completely missed the point of that entire thread.Nairn
    • But, obviously, it's not you here who Doesn't Get It. It's ok. We get you. It's pretty easy to.Nairn
    • Kudos on managing to get Sted, Monospaced, imbecile and myself all on the same side against you... that's almost noteworthy.Nairn
    • Who takes Nairn seriously? We all do. He's a far more respected member of QBN than you will ever be grafician, and that's a fact.Continuity
    • Go eat a bag of deep-fried dicks, you patronising know-it-all.Continuity
    • Fucking insufferable bore.Continuity
    • made out of the same cosmic source but running on a different balance for intelligence and empathy..... this is were it gets differential.neverscared
    • Right, remind me why I come here again

      definetly not for the boring cooking stories and decades old users stuck in mental loops...
    • Yes, please, *do* remind us why you keep turning up here. It's a mystery to us all.Continuity
    • Yes this is the mental stuck loop you "project" for sure - a crappy decades old forum full of crappy decades old users
      No wonder this place never grows [up]
    • @continuity I was here before you...grafician
    • but I keep turning up to see what other interesting stuff the rest of the fucking community posts - except probably the haters in this discussiongrafician
    • but sure, project in continuity your white male alpha Axe sprayed egos around boys, does wonders for this communitygrafician
    • FLOL
      'I was here before you'
      That's all you've got? Oh, dear.
    • but let's just get along

      Just don't get in my way and I'll stay away from you cunts?

    • The only person getting in your way here is you, grafician.Nairn
    • Nairn I was actually done with this, but sure, keep at it if you need to vent

      II'm out for beers

    • last word.Nairn
    • some people have to be right (even if they know they're wrong) there are a lot of threads that represent what QBN is, grafician is nowhere to be found in those.imbecile
    • that's all anyone really needs to know. love you mono, nairn, continuity, neverscared, and stedimbecile

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