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  • janne761

    lepen wants out of NATO and EU.

    This can and should not ever happen.

    • No she doesn't.palimpsest
    • I believe she does.NBQ00
    • Live your truth.palimpsest
    • I know nothing of EU politics, but reading the first few paragraphs sure sounds like she does.formed
    • Then you need to get hooked on phonics.palimpsest
    • ^ Listening to this (politician from Le Pen's party) you definitely get the impression they still want to leave the EU and are just pretending not to.yuekit
    • She has stated that she didn't want to the leave the EU nor NATO. And leaving them is not part of her current program.
      But y'all believe what you want to.
    • There are plenty of valid reasons to oppose voting for her. Why make shit up?palimpsest
    • Did it ever occur to you that maybe a politician could be lying? lol cmon nowyuekit
    • If elected I don't she would immediately try to take France out of the EU. But she is proposing many policies that violate EU law. If France doesn't botheryuekit
    • follow EU rules as leader what good are they? So yes she is likely hostile to the EU and would like to leave, how to accomplish this is another question.yuekit
    • Or maybe she's telling the truth. So it's no longer about the program she is running on but on what we choose to believe.palimpsest
    • Anything goes in that case, since we choose to not share any common ground.palimpsest
    • of course she wants out from both EU and NATO, palimpset is being naiveernexbcn
    • She has promised to cut taxes for all young people under 30drgs
    • I'm not being naive. I am not voting for her. I'm just letting y'all know what's what.palimpsest
    • So y'all watching the debate right now?palimpsest
    • 17 hours later...
      Yep, that's I thought.
    • LolGnash

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