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    Baked scamorza settled on a fresh baguette slice with perhaps too much chopped fresh herbs (parsley, oregano, sage, chives) overlaid, then fine sliced speck ham, dashed with olive oily thin sliced pan-fried mushrooms and onions, then drizzled in lemon juice, then finished off with more fresh herbs, then obscenely stuffed into my gob and gorged upon.

    • I hate this a phone.Nairn
    • oily mushrooms and onions were cooked with fine cubed courgettes, white wine, a little chicken stock, pepper and a smidge of harissa spiceNairn
    • This went from a clear out the fridge meal to something indescribably wonderful. Fresh cut herbs and lemon make everything sublimeNairn
    • Sounds very good. Nigel Slater said you have to make sarnies like the Americans and be generous AF.MrT
    • lol "I hate this a phone". and i'd eat the shit out of that.garbage

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