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  • drgs2

    Just a thought, for US only:

    A law which allows insurance companies to charge you more/do not cover covid if a person is not vaccinated. Sort of like pre-existing condition, and statistically it makes sense: Insurance companies would lose money on anti-vaxxers.


    • Where did you dig this up Reddit?
      What your source?
    • What, why?drgs
    • If enough folk start to die, then the insurance companies will move heaven and earth to not insure anti-vax folkPhanLo
    • This already exists if you’re a smokerGnash
    • Risk of death amongst folk of an insurable age is miniscule.Brabo_Brabo
    • Covid is mild sniffles for the vast majority.Brabo_Brabo
    • Now, an insurance policy against side effects of the Clot-Shot.. what would the premiums on that be?Brabo_Brabo
    • Brabo = duncenb
    • mild. sniffles (if that!) sometimes you need a test to tell if you've got it.. not deadly to those of an insurable age.Brabo_Brabo
    • The insurance companies have been raising premiums for the unvaxxed. The same way they charge more for smokers. If potential costs are higher = bigger premiums.zarkonite
    • Oh Bobo got a boo-boo.utopian
    • Gabbo is drunk af todayFNP14

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