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  • monNom6

    Black Friday deal on now for Creative Cloud. if you chat to support you can get that deal (40% off) even with an existing subscription. They'll say no initially, but just say a colleague got it and you want the same deal. ask if they can double-check, and they'll send you to tier-2

    They can also give you 2 months free along with that discount, I just learned. Took probably 20mins on the chat to save about $400cad for the year.

    • I wrote two sentences for this. One I want to quit because I need to get on my feet again. I'm gonna check some alternatives though there are none really.oey_oey
    • You don't need to engage them. Just cancel your subscription online and before you can confirm, they'll offer you it at 40% off, automatically. Any time.ETM
    • It's easy, and I do it every year now. No need to waste time on live chat etc.ETM
    • Aha, noted!monNom
    • That's what sort of happened to me, the other years I always come with some story. This year I thought that's just lame.oey_oey
    • When I click cancel, I immediately got a support chat window open...I was like what?! and then yes I said one sentence blabla...lame or not fuck it.oey_oey
    • weird the black friday one wasnt there but they were happy to give me 2 months free without speaking to anyone - which is pretty much the same discountwoowahesque
    • actually no its not. stupid maths.woowahesque
    • It's just a bit under half the 29.99/mth discount, woowah... for those of us who already used that 29.99 option in years past we can only get that 2months freePonyBoy
    • ...which is still rad <3PonyBoy
    • thanks NomNom!! Yup. just asked, was told new customers only, I said please, they said okProjectile
    • My pleasure!monNom
    • full suite £31, I've been doing this for years.fadein11
    • £50 is normal price in UKfadein11

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