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  • neverscared5

    • HahahahaPhanLo
    • I'm actually a fan of Musk but this shit does seem just crazy. Seems like something for the wealthy to beat traffic and avoid looking at commoners?Hayzilla
    • The thing about Tesla is that they don't spend on advertising, but are very keen when it comes to marketing themselves. Vegas thing is a marketing gimmick.Nairn
    • Apparently it's quite popular, so benefits both Tesla and Boring. I for one welcome any improvements in tunnel-making - I think most roads should be undergroundNairn
    • Rather than, in the UK especially, utterly bisecting our countryside and fucking over wildlife up and down the country. Put as much of it underground as poss.Nairn
    • ^ Right on bruva I agree. There shouldn't be a single fucking carpark above ground on this planet either.Hayzilla
    • Elon is very bright but also just an online bro trying desperately to be popularnb
    • Not that bright, what has he said or done that was original? What has he done period other than join boards of startups?_niko
    • Remember his submarine idea? Lolz_niko
    • dont be a musk fanatic..neverscared
    • maybe cargo underground. when its handled by A.I . but the rest .. i dont see how that should become popular..neverscared
    • Tangential, but image right is Seattle's light rail. For some reason our country voted against it's expansion in the 70s and hundreds of millions of dollars..garbage
    • ..and I'm talking federal bucks, were diverted to Atlanta, where they built MARTA. If you've used that that mess, you know what a waste of resources it is.garbage
    • *county, not countrygarbage

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